Resisting Lawless Government

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Resisting Lawless Government – Practical Ways In Which Law-Abiding Americans Can Resist Immoral, Lawless And Tyrannical Government

Ridding America of Obama and corrupt government: Deliberate, practical and prayerful ways –

Denying Obama the platform: Americans have within their grasp the successful means to end Obama’s fraudulent occupation and control of government –

Part 1: Christian Citizenship — What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA president who has, and practices, opposing moral values? –

Part 2: Christian Citizenship — What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA president who has, and practices, opposing moral values?” –

Also, appropriate — putting “‘resisting lawless government’ into perspective:


Featured pic attribution source of Uncle Sam Dealing With Lawless And Immoral Government:

7 thoughts on “Resisting Lawless Government

  1. pacman925 says:

    We need to speak aloud of who obama’s master’s are too !
    Rothschild’s banking cartel owns the federal reserve, IRS, congress, AIPAC, CFR, Media, Hollywood, same regime part of Mossad & CIA that murdered 911……..& obama is a “only” general of the evil NWO!

    MoralMatters is a great website, but it seems that you guys are writing only a certain agenda, while more & more American citizens will Demand of the Whole Truth !

    1. pacman925 –

      Thank you for reading Moralmatters and commenting. Also thank you for the compliment about “a great website.”

      As to your concern about Moralmatters being (somewhat) myopic about “the Whole Truth,” (your description) I can only say at this time that I am aware of various “players” in the “global corruption game.” However, as author of Moralmatters, my personal policy is to author, format and post that with which I am personally convinced. I do not rule out (in my personal considerations) what is behind the wicked scenes. But, I do not post that which I do not (currently) fully understand and sense I can (with all confidence) present to a varied (IQ) web audience.

      This author first attempts to post the reality. That’s primary. As to the “behind the scenes” reality, I have to “feel my way.” Mind you, I am aware and have acknowledge that there are demonic forces influencing temporal reality. But that spiritual reality does not (at this time) motivate me to highlight some present day “nuts and bolts” persons, groups and global “pushers and movers.”

      Furthermore, I am of the disposition which does not care to blame “Zionism” for the world’s woes. It think that is too simplistic and even borders on [racist] antisemitism. Perhaps, I don’t understand what is meant by “Zionism” as spotlighted by informational websites such as – but, nevertheless, I am constrained (and restrained) to author and post within my comfort level.

      Finally, Moralmatters is not intended to know and present all of the answers. I’m continually reminded of what my high school economics teacher told me when I was praising a 60’s radio talk show host (Joe Pine). He admonished me to “beware of someone who knows all the answers.” That piece of advice coincided with my father’s often heard assessment of some arrogant people. Father would exclaim: “They know all the answers! But they don’t know beans!”

      I hope my aforementioned response has not dampened your web thirst to frequent Moralmatters and be quenched with a (good) morals (and spiritual) approach to reality. At present, this author does not perceive the need to arrive at the destination level you may wish he would. There are plenty of other sources which delve into the “behind the scenes” temporal reality.


      It just so happened that before opening your comment I came from the following website (linked below). I’ll leave you with it, as I think it will spark your interest:

      Was Trayvon a Satanic Sacrifice for the Illuminati?

  2. So I take it that you see President Trump’s admission of being a serial sexual abuser of women in an equally serious light?

    1. Robert –

      It’s news to me what you say about Trump’s “admission.” I think that you are putting certain specific words in Trump’s mouth.

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