Obama and his Obamacare

ObamcareScamobama-i-told-them-they-could-keep-their-health-plan-doctors-obamacare-laughingMoralmatters articles related to Obamacare – Please note other MM articles below next to the Obama / Clinton pic:

Discriminatory Obamacare “waivers” [exemptions / exceptions]:

More related news pieces to the above:

The ObamaCare fight is just beginning (nypost.com)

Health Insurance Markets Open To Surge Of New Customers And Problems – Glitches Hit Websites, Error Messages Rule; Elderly Struggle With Lingo (cbslocal.com)

100 Unintended Consequences of Obamacare

Open Letter to US House Speaker John Boehner: An internal shift will set you free! (moralmatters.org)

GOP Wants to Replace Obamacare with GOPcare (economicpolicyjournal.com)

Most everything surrounding Obama is founded upon lies and deception. In fact, the very basis for his White House (de facto) "presidency," has been his criminal ID fraud; still not (honestly) recognized by his Democrat and Republican enabling criminal co-conspirators.

News pieces that are related to the above:

Here are the 25 Senate cave in RINo’s who voted to allow Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democrats to fund Obamacare today 

Gallup poll: Harry Reid is the most unpopular congressional leader

Below – Moralmatters.or garticles related to Obamacare (informational links), below. Note that the links contain within them many other important pertinent and related linked articles:

Also note:

Obama’s lies the State of the Union Address and Americans who love Obama’s lies (moralmatters.org)

Yet, note the following – on the “lighter” side:

Butt lift to be covered under Obama Care: Buyer Beware (dancingczars.wordpress.com)

Also related:

Obama’s lies the State of the Union Address and Americans who love Obama’s lies (moralmatters.org)

Liars go to hell (thechristianmessage.org)

Good News for Americans oppressed by the Obama and his criminal government cabal:

Scriptural Divine Revelation describes the wickedness of Obama and his destruction end (moralmatters.org)


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big  government and its mainstream media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Please note 3 important informational links:

Election Projection – The Battle for Capitol Hill – 2012 Senate – electionprojection.com/2012elections/

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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