News Events: Think Critically

“……….You watch a film done by actors. When it comes to some sad part, REAL tears come from one’s eyes.The brain does not realize that you’re seeing ACTORS playing a fictional part while they’re covered with FAKE blood. Your BRAIN sees it as REAL.!!! Only your intellect can sort it all out with CRITICAL thinking and remind you what you’re seeing is DRAMA and not real life. When millions of people see these HOAXES their brain thinks it’s REAL…..when it’s not. People do not realize just how evil their government can be.” – Moralmatters reader – Source of the above: “Hoax, False Flag and False Reality: What Do They Have In Common?”

News Events: Stop, Think, Question, Examine And Evaluate

How soon do people forget how mainstream media have failed them to accurately report reality. One has only to recently recall 2016 Election night when media personalities couldn’t declare, soon enough, Hillary Clinton, the winner.

If only humans would question what they hear, examine what they see and evaluate what others would have them believe, they would be much better-off. Americans need to start, big-time, applying critical thinking to all that corrupt government, publicly disperses. Critical thinking helps to spot lies and deception. Pic Source: “Critical Thinking” –

There are many other examples how mainstream media have distorted, misinformed and out-right lied to the American people and to the world. Yet, when there appears on their TV screens another reported act of violence, most Americans fail to think, question, examine and evaluate. Instantly, they believe what they see and hear without exercising critical thought. They commit the egregious error of being “simple,” believing “every word.”

“The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.” – Proverbs 14:15 – NKJV

This Moralmatters author has been very critical of U.S. Government and its enabling propaganda whore, mainstream media. So much so, that he has often called U.S. Government “corrupt” and mainstream media personalities, propagandists and propaganda whores.

Americans need to desperately change their perspective on big government to a realistic paradigm. Unfortunately, for most Americans the false paradigm as it relates to the flow of information, is: “Government dispenses, media regurgitates and Americans, swallow.”

This author has also been unfairly criticized by those who do not take the time to read and understand this website’s basis for calling reported and alleged events, either fake, false reality, false flag, contrived, staged, hoax and / or, “psyop.”

A common question followed up by a premature conclusion arises from those who either do not take the time to understand or the same people who first believe the media story line when they first witness it:

[Paraphrase]: “How was it fake? People died.” Go tell their family survivors that it was all a hoax.

Herein is the folly. When people hear via radio news or view and hear TV news about some widely publicized violence or otherwise event, they automatically believe it. They believe the negative; the worst.

The perpetrators of false reality events prey upon the emotions of their anticipated impressionable and gullible public audience. That is one of the many reasons the mainstream media whore news shows photo-op pics of people mourning and holding candlelight vigils. – Pic Source: Found on the web.

Their initial response is that of knee-jerk reaction; to believe and accept what first came their (physical senses) way. This is the major reason why government propaganda is so effective. The old adage correctly states why that propaganda is so effective:

“A lie goes half-way around the world before the truth puts on its boots.” [Paraphrase]

Please access the following Moralmatters articles (scroll down below) to better understand this author’s thinking about the latest “news,” about events and reported events. about news that he comments on and analyzes.

Spare this Moralmatters author your swift, rapacious, ridicule; your unfair and / or, uninformed remarks.

Rather learn from this Moralmatters article (and related informational links) how to carefully focus on the latest news, the latest events and the motives and personalities behind that news and those events.

It is imperative to realize the human nature of those who report current alleged news events. Critical perspective is aware of personal bias, personal motives, personal agendas and political objectives. – Pic Source:

Learn to be (properly) critical of sinful government, of media and those personalities who are supportive of those influential entities.

Learn to be fully cognizant that those in positions of influence and power are the same individuals who are contaminated with “human depravity.”

Acquaint yourself with the Biblical Scripture reality of “The Depravity of Man” (aka, The Depravity of Human Nature).

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