Muslims Find Their Ancestry In Abraham’s Son, Ishmael

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Genesis 16:10:

And the angel of the Lord said unto her

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The same as before, who, by what follows, appears to be Jehovah himself:

I will multiply thy seed exceedingly;

not that she should have many children herself, for that she had more than this one she now went with, is not certain; but that that seed she had conceived should be exceedingly multiplied, and he should have a numerous posterity, as he had twelve princes sprung from him, the heads of Arab nations:

that it shall not be numbered for multitude;

such the Turks are at this day, supposed to be the seed of Ishmael, Hagar’s son.

Genesis 16:11

And the angel of the Lord said unto her

Continued his discourse with her, informing her she should have a son, and what his name should be, and what his character, and the place of his habitation:

behold, thou [art] with child

this she knew, and it is said, not for her information, as to this respect, but to lead on to something else he had to acquaint her with, she did not know. Jarchi indeed would have the sense to be, “thou shall conceive” or “be with child”, as was said to Manoah’s wife, ( Judges 13:5 ) ; for it is a fancy of his, that Hagar had miscarried, and he, supposes the angel to promise her, that if she would return, or when she should return, she should conceive again; but this is said and supposed without any foundation:

and shalt bear a son;

this was what she hoped for, but was not certain of; but the angel assures her of it, that the child she went with was a son, which none could foretell but God, that is omniscient:

and shall call his name Ishmael;

the Jews F19 observe, there were six persons who had their names given them before they were born, and Ishmael is one of them; the six were Isaac, ( Genesis 17:19 ) ; Ishmael, here; Moses, ( Exodus 2:10 ) ; Solomon, ( 2 Samuel 12:24 ) ; Josiah, ( 1 Kings 13:2 ) ; and the Messiah, ( Isaiah 7:14 ) ( Matthew 1:21 ) ( Luke 1:31 ) : the reason of his name follows,

because the Lord hath heard thy affliction:

heard of it, had took notice of it, and observed, and fully understood the nature and cause of it; he had heard her groans and sighs under it, and her prayer and cries for deliverance from it; and so the Targum of Onkelos,

“for the Lord hath received thy prayer,”
which she had put up in her affliction, both when in the service of her mistress, and since her flight from her.

Genesis 16:12

And he will be a wild man

Above pic illustrates the true nature of Islam. Muslims will use their [false] religion of hate to spread mayhem and murder throughout the world. Pic attribution:

Above pic illustrates the true nature of Islam. Muslims will use their [false] religion of hate to spread mayhem and murder throughout the world. Pic attribution:

Living in a wilderness, delighting in hunting and killing wild beasts, and robbing and plundering all that pass by; and such an one Ishmael was, see ( Genesis 21:20Genesis 21:21 ) ; and such the Saracens, his posterity, were, and such the wild Arabs are to this day, who descended from him; or “the wild ass of a man” F20; or “a wild ass among men”, as Onkelos; or “like to a wild ass among men”, as the Targum of Jonathan; wild, fierce, untamed, not subject to a yoke, and impatient of it, see ( Job 11:12 ) ; such was Ishmael, and such are his posterity, who never could be subdued or brought into bondage, neither by the Assyrians, nor Medes and Persians, nor by the Greeks nor Romans, nor any other people F21; and at this day the Arabs live independent on the Turks, nay, oblige the Turks to pay a yearly tribute for the passage of their pilgrims to Mecca, and also to pay for their caravans that pass through their country, as travellers into those parts unanimously report; wherefore Aben Ezra translates the word rendered “wild”, or “wild ass”, by (yvpx) , “free”, and refers to the passage in ( Job 39:5 ) . These people having been always free, and never in bondage, always lived as free booters upon others:

his hand [will be] against every man, and every man’s hand against him;

signifying, that he would be of a quarrelsome temper and warlike disposition, continually engaged in fighting with his neighbours, and they with him in their own defence; and such the Arabs his posterity always have been, and still are, given to rapine and plunder, harassing their neighbours by continual excursions and robberies, and pillaging passengers of all nations, which they think they have a right to do; their father Ishmael being turned out into the plains and deserts, which were given him as his patrimony, and as they suppose a permission from God to take whatever he could get. And a late traveller into those parts observes F23, that they are not to be accused of plundering strangers only, or whomsoever they may find unarmed or defenceless; but for those many implacable and hereditary animosities which continually subsist among themselves, literally fulfilling to this day the prophecy of the angel to Hagar, ( Genesis 16:12 ) ; the greatest as well as the smallest tribes are perpetually at variance with one another, frequently occasioned upon the most trivial account, as if they were from the very days of their first ancestor naturally prone to discord and contention.

And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren;

the sons of Abram by Keturah, the Midianites, and others; and the Edomites that sprung from Esau, the son of his brother Isaac; and the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob, another son of Isaac; and his kinsmen the Moabites and Ammonites, upon all which he and his posterity bordered, see ( Genesis 25:18 ) . It may be rendered, “he shall tabernacle” F24, or dwell in tents, as he did, and his posterity afterwards; particularly the Scenite Arabs, so called from their dwelling in tents, and the Bedouins, such were the tents of Kedar, one of his sons, ( Song of Solomon 1:5) ; the same with them to this day: according to Jarchi, the sense of the phrase is, that his seed should be large and numerous, and spread themselves, and reach to the borders of all their brethren.

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