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Altering History – A (copy) 

New information has been brought to light that I would like to deal with. A commenter posted a link to a map showing the boundaries of Kalawao and Maui Counties. If that and other maps are correct (which is not totally clear to me, based on Hawaii statutes), then Loretta Fuddy died in Kalawao County. That raises even more questions, which I will deal with in another post.

But first I want to bring up something that Doug Hagmann gave the opportunity for me to address in the interview on the Hagmann & Hagmann Show on Friday but I chose not to at that time. When that map link was posted I was literally sick to my stomach – not because the information was damaging to what I’m saying because it actually makes my claim stronger (as I’ll explain in another post), but because I had searched for several days on my computer, trying to find maps showing the boundaries of Kalawao and Maui Counties but nothing came up on my computer, which is why I went to the statutes and charters to try to find whose jurisdiction this “crash” was in.

I have noticed that I get totally different search results on my computer than I get when I am on a computer where I can’t be traced as the user. I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of the internet or through whom or how this happens; I just know that it does. When a government is able to use sticks and carrots on any business they want to, it’s hard to pin down who is responsible for various things, butit really doesn’t even matter. It’s the regime et al.

Why would the regime et al block me from getting true search results? To waste my time, send me on wild goosechases, and make me look like an idiot if I ever decide to say something publicly based on what I was allowed to see – only to have somebody come forward with what any fool should be able to find in a simple Google search. It’s a really easy way to destroy the credibility of anybody who speaks out – especially if the general public doesn’t realize the games these people play.

And until a person experiences this kind of thing for him/herself, they may well think I have a vivid imagination or I’m paranoid or lying. A good friend who was skeptical of my claims had her eyes opened about a month ago when she found that a file she uploaded to Dropbox for me to look at was totally butchered. She had been wondering why I didn’t understand what she was saying about the file, until she realized I was looking at something different than what she had uploaded. It reminds me of the MCFD CAD transcript that was butchered, but that the secretary insisted had not been C&P’ed. Maybe she was right; maybe they never C&P’ed it but the people who butchered my friend’s file also butchered the MCPD’s emailed file. I have no way of knowing; I just know the secretary who sent it said it had not been altered at their end, but by the time it reached my inbox it was butchered.

If I remember correctly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a comment saying that the regime et al has the ability to literally alter history. If history is the written record of what happened, then I have seen that firsthand already (and hopefully Arpaio will eventually be able to explain his comment also, to further substantiate this).

My emailed FOIA request to the FAA was altered in my “Sent” box. The subject line, date and time, who it was to, etc were all intact in the listing of my emails but when I went to forward it to the FAA as documentation of what I had sent, the content in the actual email was the same as the email below it on the list. I was only able to get back the REAL email history because I had blind-copied a friend when I sent the email, and he still had the real email I sent in his inbox and forwarded it to me.

A person can be convicted of a crime based on emails. We already know that a regime entity placed classified documents on Sharyl Atkisson’s computer in order to be able to frame her for a crime if they thought it “necessary”. How easily could the regime et al change what any person has emailed? Even if there had been no dirt on David Petraeus they could have planted some if needed. Any of us might think we’re safe from that because only the big, important people are worth that kind of attention. But if I’m worth that kind of attention, anybody is. And apparently I was. Any of you reading this could likewise be targeted, if the regime et al wants to target you.

The Sony hacker may be telling us what the big Hollywood types really said – or they may be planting or altering emails just to stir the pot. It could happen to anybody, and all they could do in defense is protest that the evidence right there on their computer is wrong. Who are most people going to believe – an accused person’s verbal protests, or their lyin’ eyes? What would a jury believe under the Federal Rules of Evidence? As they say, it is not the truth that matters, but what you can PROVE. And this regime can prove anything they want to prove, if it involves planting or altering things on a computer or database. Please digest what that means.

One of the reasons I had copied my friend on the email to the FAA was because I’d already had emails stolen – specifically important emails to Mike Zullo. An IT PhD friend of mine had told me back in August of 2010 (when he was extracting files from my daughter’s crashed computer, which I was using because my own computer had crashed – all of this while I was documenting evidence of HDOH records alterations to give to Terry Lakin’s legal team, shortly before the sheathing on the wiring in my husband’s van was apparently cut) that it’s not possible for a virus/Trojan to divide an email so that it is delivered to one recipient but not another. Only Homeland Security (or an ISP following the orders ofthe DHS) could do something like that, he said. So on important emails I make sure there are at least 2 recipients and one of them is me. If I get the email then I can be sure the other person also got theemail. Unless DHS is involved.

Well…. In these latest rounds of communications with the MCPD, the MCPD has said that they did not receive my email, even though I had received it. If they’re telling the truth, then DHS is diverting my emails so that the MCPD doesn’t get them. Why is it a matter of national security that my contact with the MCPD over the Fuddy “crash” be intercepted? Especially if there’s no “there” there.

And now I have no way of knowing whether any of my intended recipients have or haven’t received myemails. And I know that any emails I send will be inspected by whoever is deciding which ones are allowed to get through.

Ponder what that means. I can send a follow-up email asking if they received an email, but they may not get that email either. So I’m thinking they’re blowing me off, and they’re thinking I’m blowing them off. It’s a perfect way to isolate people. And in the meantime we can’t get anything done. AND the regime etal knows exactly what we’re TRYING to do so they can block Google search results, alter records, etc if they think it necessary.

What’s left? Phone calls? My colleague and I decided in a phone call to contact a certain person. By the time we contacted that person he already knew at least one specific detail – that we had not yet disclosed to him – about what we were contacting him about. Who got ahold of him before us and let him know what it was about? And how can we ever contact anybody without the same thing happening?

That was on a land line. On another research project a different colleague and I discussed via cellphone/texts what observed anomalies were significant – and the very next thing we looked at would have another instance of that same anomaly, which (aside from that time right after we discussed it in texts) was never seen before or since. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. When a regime that hates us and has us in their radar every moment of every day also has the ability to literally alter history (the written record) and manipulate ordinary people/businesses to do their errands, we have no way of knowing the truth of much that we see.

And that is what I need people to realize right now. This regime is playing sick mind games based on their ability to manipulate electronic data and use their hirelings to deceive. Snowden and Atkisson (and actually even Richard Clarke!) have pointed to this. But it is NOT just with people who have the clout to make waves. It is with us little people too. They can frame and make a fool out of anybody they want.

They are the puppet-masters. We are the puppets. Welcome to 1984 in Obama’s World. There is no longer any truth in this “world”. The battle we are in is over EVERYTHING that honest people hold dear.

The usual suspects will call me crazy and suggest that I, who beat the details to death on a regular basis, simply failed to Google “Kalawao County boundaries” so I could instead make easily-disproven claims that would get me ridiculed (until I can explain the further due diligence I’ve done – which nobody will bother to dig through because it’s too detailed…). If people think that about me, then they’re beyond reasoning with. But if there are any among them who are honest, I beg you to realize where this world is headed, because it will eventually reach you too. It may be too late already, but if it’s not then the time is now, to join together and kill this boa around our neck before the life is squeezed out of us all.

 –  file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/altering-history.pdf



3 thoughts on ““Altering History:” A Moralmatters Resource Page – file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/altering-history.pdf

  1. SortingHat says:

    Our emails are being hacked. Whenever we send a prayer request or to send a prayer to someone else via email the email never goes thru any time the words *pray* is used.

  2. SortingHat says:

    I have also notice on one of my strategy computer games I play that is solo player the game play doesn’t act right if I have the internet plugged in where when I unplug the D-link after realizing the problems the AI acts normal after a minute of it being unplugged or otherwise the AI acts weird thru the whole game if I leave the D-link in.

    I can’t help but wonder if since the 200 page bail out order that nobody even read was signed that a US National Firewall was part of the order much like the Great China FireWall.

    1. SortingHat –

      Thank you for your comments. I have no doubt whatsoever of the problems you are facing – especially with the email one. I, too encounter email problems. I know that I’m being watched. I think that all those who dare to question and object to the current government regime, face the most surveillance and scrutiny.

      I don’t think there could be a court and trial big enough to deal with the evil which is being perpetrated upon America. Perhaps, in the future, some court proceeding will have to be limited so that the punishments can commence.

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