Open Message To YouTube Management

Below is the text (script) of the letter sent to YouTube Management by “Peter” of TyrannyNewsNetwork.

This website author, Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel, offered to highlight the letter text (on this page) and to provide a link of it (here) in the recent Moralmatters article entitled:

YouTube Management Lacks Integrity: The Sandy Hook Hoax Video Deletions –

An Open Message to YouTube Management

Hi. My name is Peter. I’m a YouTuber. I teamed up with dozens of other YouTubers to produce a documentary video we called, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.”

We set up a YouTube channel where people could watch our video in the name of our group, Independent Media Solidarity. In less than 24 hours, our 2 hour and 45 minute documentary received a copyright strike and was taken offline by YouTube.

Word got around, and hundreds of people who oppose censorship started uploading our video to their channels. But, soon these channels too began receiving copyright strikes. For some, it was their 3rd strike and they lost their channels completely. Hundreds of channels were affected.

These claims were made by one man and his organization calling itself the HONR Network. All of these claims are fraudulent. You see, not only does this man not own the copyright to any of the material, the name he uses is just an alias. Therefore, not only are the claims invalid but each claim is a case of perjury.

YouTube’s counter-claim system doesn’t provide a way to report this form of claim fraud. So, we’re using the most obvious tool at our disposal to send you this message; YouTube.

Our group feels a responsibility to all those YouTube channels. Fellow YouTubers came to our aid when the video was removed from our official channel. We’re asking for our videos back and for all our fellow YouTubers to get their copies of our video back as well. And restoration of the channels taken down as a result.

Please contact us so we can provide the evidence you need to prevent any further abuse of your system. And, lastly please help us get our videos back.

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