Multiculturalism: Diversity mania at the expense of reality, good morals and ethics; thus, dividing a nation

Multiculturalism is the politically correct secular belief and practice which says that all value systems are equal – except some; such as Christianity. The essence of Multiculturalism is that diversity is celebrated for diversity sake.

As multiculturalism and its first cousin, political correctness, are being played out in American culture; some things come into direct conflict. For instance:

When homosexual activists demand and trumpet what they call, “same-sex marriage;” this concept and practice of same-sex couples, contradicts traditional morals and ethics; as “marriage” has always been defined throughout history as being the union of one man and one wife. That is the essence of the word and definition. However, that makes no difference to homosexual activists, intent upon forcing their way upon the culture. They are not happy unless they can change the culture to suit their own aberrant lifestyles.

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The New Tolerance – How a cultural movement threatens to destroy you, your faith, and your children – by Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler – Tyndale House Publishers; c. 1988


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