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By accessing the following worship service web links (below) you will have at the click of your computer mouse, a Sunday by Sunday “Christian worship presence” – at home.

Pic of 12 year old Christ confounding the religious "teachers of the law." Pastor Jackson features many Biblical pics like this on his controversial / polemical website which exposes religious hypocrisy called: It's called: Ichabod The Glory Has Departed. Above pic by Normal Boeckler -

Pic of the adolescent Christ confounding the religious “teachers of the law.” Pastor Jackson features many Biblical pics like this on his polemical website which exposes religious hypocrisy  –  “Ichabod The Glory Has Departed.” Above pic by Normal Boeckler –

Christian Pastor, educator and author, (Dr.) Gregory Jackson has been blessed with a rich understanding of the Hebrew (Old Testament) and New Testament Christian Scriptures. He’s experienced an extensive academic background having attended various educational institutions of higher learning, among which include, Notre Dame University, Yale University and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.

Pastor Jackson is “no-frills.” He preaches and teaches the Holy Scriptures as the Holy Spirit breathed (inspired) Word of God. He is not beguiled by ever encroaching “Christian” heresies and the devilish deceptions of present-day culture. His sermon messages are laced with Scripture, historical background and everyday examples. At times he references specifics of Lord God’s creative nature, as he is an avid gardener.

One Thing Important To Note, Though:

Rev. Jackson appears to be one that is easily convinced of the propaganda of some mainstream media whoredom news – specifically those events which have been contrived and staged. He publicly prays for the (supposed) victim survivors of these propaganda (false reality) events. He like many people, as a result, (pathetically) only helps to promulgate these falsehood frauds by giving credence to them.

Rather (as a Christian minister) he should be praying for good government; for good, moral and godly political leaders. Also, that these “leaders” repent of their criminal conspiracies perpetrated against the public.[1 Timothy 2: 1-4 – KJV]

Note the “Editor’s Note” towards the end of the June 12, 2016 commentary for further explanation and understanding:

Orlando Florida Gay Nightclub False Reality Shooting –

“We offer traditional liturgical services from The Lutheran Hymnal, faithful to Luther’s doctrine and the Book of Concord, always emphasizing the truth, inspiration, and efficacy of God’s Word.” 

Please note: Those of you web readers who do not care for any liturgy in Christian worship,  don’t allow that liturgical dislike from hearing God’s Word through the preached message. Sit back, listen and watch. Grab your filled coffee cup and brunch munch on some of your favorite donuts!

If you happen to miss the Sunday morning live broadcast you can catch it later on the recorded format. This same recorded format page lists past worship services and their (included) sermons. Just scroll down and select.

More on Pastor (Dr.) Gregory Jackson:

He is the author of multiple interesting and educational books:

Martin Chemnitz Press: Gregory Jackson, PhD –

Dr. (Pastor) Jackson also is the daily / weekly author of the polemical website, which exposes current-day denominational and church body religious hypocrisy:

Ichabod The Glory Has Departed –


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Featured pic source (author) of the (black & white) painting of Satan attempting to tempt Christ:

Normal Boeckler:

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