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5 Recommended Web Sources: Non-Propaganda Mainstream Media


“Moralmatters is partial to at least 5 prominent web sources. Its author knows that they can be counted-on not to sugar coat our corrupt American government. These web sources are listed as follows,……………”

What Really Happened? An Interesting Website


“Check out this website resource. Especially those of you who are prone to…………”

Website reader about negative comments: author too nice of guy

“Concerned citizen” has left the following comment after the article of:  Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax – <<<<<<<< Hey I noticed most comments are positive and some negative. I think you have done a great job, and although it’s not provable I… Read more“Website reader about negative comments: author too nice of guy” September 2012: “Can’t Fix Stupid”

This man in the news story was about as foolish as those who intend to vote for our White House occupier the second time around: Mauled Man Charged With Trespassing At Bronx Zoo – Excerpt: NEW YORK (AP) — Before his now-infamous tangle with a Bronx Zoo tiger, David Villalobos… Read more“ September 2012: “Can’t Fix Stupid””

Republican National Convention: Summary applauds Clint Eastwood with the best overall Republican National Convention line: Clint Eastwood’s GOP convention speech:  Full transcript – Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention RNC –   Please note for future voting consideration reference: Election Projection – The Battle for Capitol Hill – 2012 Senate… Read more“Republican National Convention: Summary”