Donald Trump Vindicated: His Claims Of 2016 Election Voter Fraud


“The following is copied from an email forward. It originates from ALIPAC – Americans For Legal Immigration PAC – Leading the Fight Against Illegal Immigration and Amnesty –…………”

Clinton Election Cheating: Will Trump Muster The Courage To Catcall Democrat Disqualification?


“…….Hillary Clinton has not been subjected to consequences for her criminal behaviors. Donald Trump can hold her accountable. He has the means, the status, the resources and the legal standing to contest and challenge a crooked and fraudulent election process. It is imperative that Hillary Clinton be disqualified for cheating. She cheated by being given moderator questions prior to a couple of Presidential Campaign debates. Election night will be the final stage of her cheating machinations when American votes will be digitally altered to reflect a false reality Hillary Clinton ‘victory.’……..

…….Will Trump be like milquetoast Romney and wimp out, Election night? Or, will Trump man-up to ‘Make America Great Again’ and contest, challenge and audit a rigged fraudulent Election?……..”

Presidential Election Fraud: What Donald Trump Must Do Election Night


“……….Donald Trump must declare victory (by virtue of default) because his criminal opposition will have (big-time) cheated. Are not students who cheat and are caught cheating on a test, disqualified and their test score marked with an ‘F?’ They are automatically (and fairly) disqualified because they did not play by the (moral) rules. The same moral principle must hold true for a Presidential Election! The big-time cheater must be disqualified, shamed and ejected!……….”

Jeb Bush: Will He Finally Fly Away Following The New Hampshire Primary?


“No one likes a bar fly. The sooner they fly away and are gone, the more pleasant, the tavern time…………..”

Microsoft Iowa Caucus Vote Count: Wholesale Thievery


“………..Tallying the vote for your own team………….Giant conflict of interest………”

2014 Election Results Sweet For GOP: More Non Whites Not Voting Democrat


……..The following [Twitter Tweet] report is sweet news for the Republican Party. Compared with the 2012 election there has been a significant departure of “non-whites” voting for the Democrats. So says one Twitter personality – [his Twitter Tweet copied below].

Are blacks and other [traditionally called, “minorities”] aroused to the reality that the Democrat Party has been hypocritical with little “do” [action] and all [cheap] “say” for all American non-whites? Could these non-white voters (who reportedly departed from voting Democrat this 2014 election) be……….