Zika Microcephaly Caused By Monsanto Chemical Larvicide: Pyriproxyfen Added To Drinking Water


“It’s another big government-caused, screw-up. Rather than being held subject to accountable behavior and taking responsibility for its proliferation of misery, big government ratchets up propaganda and misinformation.

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following mini-commentary:……………….”

Vaccination Fallout: Brain Damage From Swine Flu Vaccine And The Gardasil And Cervarix Fraud


“Please note the related informational links following the 2 news titles and (their perspective) excerpt material:………….

………..Here is the BIG reason for authoritarian push for mandatory vaccinations:

Between the years 2019 through 2023, some 3,000-plus NEW VACCINES will be introduced into the market. The new generation of vaccines will be DNA-based genetically modified and they will affect the DNA of all human beings who receive the vaccines, thereby altering humanity as each future generation will propagate the modified DNA. In effect, the soon-to-come new vaccines will be DNA-based genetically modified vaccines.”

Alternative Medicine Doctors Are Being “Disappeared:” Video Reveals The Reason


“…………..The narrator has discovered that alternative medicine doctors have learned that a destructive protein (Nagalase) is being introduced into babies and tiny children through vaccines and this is the cause of Autism in most of these children.

A European company has discovered a cure…………….”

Vaccine: The Best Vaccine Is No Vaccine At All


“The following wealth of information comes a Moralmatters Reader:

I listened to a talk show during which a very knowledgeable researcher discussed his findings about vaccines. His name is Ken Valenzuela, he works in the medical field here in Southern California (he is NOT a doctor or nurse), and he has a wealth of information regarding vaccines. He has included all of his research on his Web site and he has documented a lot of his research in videos found on his YouTube channel.

There is a wealth of very valuable information at the Web site, and especially……………….”