Ted Cruz Should Not Expect Honest And Intelligent Americans To Vote For Him


“The Republican Party will continue to be extremely lame if it allows Senator Ted Cruz to be nominated for its 2016 presidential candidate. It will lose a significant number of voters in the general presidential election should he be the nominee – or, any other nominee. Those voters who will sit out, will be those who are incensed that the same irresponsible and (aka Obama) criminally enabling GOP did not vehemently object to, and oppose (aka) Obama’s corrupt White House ID (forgery) fraud ‘presidency.’………….”

2014 Election Results Sweet For GOP: More Non Whites Not Voting Democrat


……..The following [Twitter Tweet] report is sweet news for the Republican Party. Compared with the 2012 election there has been a significant departure of “non-whites” voting for the Democrats. So says one Twitter personality – [his Twitter Tweet copied below].

Are blacks and other [traditionally called, “minorities”] aroused to the reality that the Democrat Party has been hypocritical with little “do” [action] and all [cheap] “say” for all American non-whites? Could these non-white voters (who reportedly departed from voting Democrat this 2014 election) be……….

Voter And Voting Process Fraud Hastens America’s Destruction: Some Solutions


Remember in school, students asking the teacher how to spell a certain word? And the teacher’s answer was: “Look it up in a dictionary!”

How does a turtle struggling upon its shell turn itself right-side up?

How can honest Americans elect half-ways decent politicians and judges when the voting process is corrupted?…………..

Obama’s lies the State of the Union Address and Americans who love Obama’s lies

Americans who love Obama’s lies will love Obama’s State of the Union Address this evening of February 12, 2013. However, it is this author’s firm conviction and contention that they are “riding on thin ice.” Every year an American President offers The State of the Union Address (speech) to both… Read more“Obama’s lies the State of the Union Address and Americans who love Obama’s lies”