A Hillary Clinton Presidency Without Hillary


“…………….Please note the following Tony Elliot commentary excerpt how wicked U.S. Government may be malevolently maneuvering on another ‘front.’ Evidence is accumulating. Evidence as represented by ‘connecting dots.’ And, don’t think the presented possibility scenario is far-fetched. U.S. Presidential history has documented the non-present frail and stroke-ridden person of President Woodrow Wilson; how a presidential administration can basically proceed without its elected head:……………..”

Hillary Clinton Presidency: What It Will Be Like


“………………Common knowledge is enough to tell us what a Hillary Clinton U.S. White House will be like. It will be as, worse or increasingly worse than the present criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama’s current presidency. The Benghazi Butcher’s presence in the White House will………………..’

Jeb Bush: Will He Finally Fly Away Following The New Hampshire Primary?


“No one likes a bar fly. The sooner they fly away and are gone, the more pleasant, the tavern time…………..”

Anti-American Muslim Obama Played Golf During Burial Of Major General Harold Greene


“The following explanation and large pic was found on the web:

Dr. Susan Myers, center, salutes her late husband, Army Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, as his remains are removed from a horse-drawn caisson during his burial service Thursday at Arlington National Cemetery.

Chris Christie now qualifies for the Office of US President

Apparently, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, has learned well from his Hurricane Sandy black bosom brother mentor, aka Barack Obama. Christie held a long marathon [over-kill] press conference explaining [away] the [traffic] bridge scandal which has the mainstream media all a-buzz. Christie was politically brilliant in how he handled himself… Read more“Chris Christie now qualifies for the Office of US President”