American Veterans And America’s Vile Practice Of Waging Needless Wars


“…………..All American Veterans should be treated with the highest respect. But as history shows, they have not. Such is the sad state of decadent affairs. We live in a fallen world. a decadent world culture of needless wars. wars that are fueled by greed, selfishness, a NWO (New World Order) and bankrolling the wicked wealthy.

Since WWI and WWII, what war has this United States waged, which was genuinely necessary? Perhaps, none. Think about that………………”

2016 Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton Most Experienced Potential Candidate


“Please note the large pic and informational links that follow it.

Moralmatters has no doubt that the most experienced potential candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton……………..”

Mind Control: United States Government Style And Otherwise


“Moralmatters has decided to provide another resource page called:

Mind Control

Web readers………………”

Paris Shooting Hoax: Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda


“Please note the series of Moralmatters articles on the Paris Shooting Hoax (with their multiple informational links) following the Moralmatters mini-commentary and the 2 minute revealing video:

Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda

Forensic evidence can be as basic as……………..”

Two Year Anniversary Of Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting: Question The Event


If you are one of the confused Americans over the alleged Sandy Hook Shooting massacre, please access the following documentary video [link below]. If you are an American who has believed and accepted the big government / mainstream media version of events and still can’t figure out why many of your fellow Americans believe those Sandy Hook events were contrived and pre-planned, the recent Sandy Hook documentary is for you…………….

Obama Divulges The Reason For Theatrical Islamic Terrorist Beheading Events


“……..When aka Obama says that the theatrical Islamic beheading events ‘won’t intimidate’ Americans, he desires that the video propaganda, does indeed place fear into Americans.

A major intent of Islamic terrorism is to inflict ‘terror’ upon its political and ideologue opponents. Muslim terrorists accomplish that task by………..

Modern day tyrants and the rank-in-file: The double standard

  This Is What A Tyranny Looks Like – Related: Political Extortion – The Theft of America – Political Extortion – ________________________________ Note – The following link provides contact information to our nation’s top political personalities.They are the elected leaders: The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for… Read more“Modern day tyrants and the rank-in-file: The double standard”