Planned Parenthood’s Militant And Heinous Agenda: Transgender Counseling And Hormone Therapy Services

………….Young children have NO NEED to learn anything about sex, about gender, about homosexuality, or about “gender identity.” These topics are not even comprehensible to very young children, and yet the state legislatures are working overtime to introduce these topics into the public schools to begin the indoctrination process that will lead to a high incidence of gender confusion among adolescents in the future.

Planned Parenthood ought to have all of its taxpayer funding stopped. It is anti-life, anti-individual, anti-social, anti-cultural and anti-Creator God. – Please note: Nazi Obama’s Planned Parenthood: Where Even Baby Body Parts “Have Their Usefulness” – Pic source: “GOP’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood will hit transgender community hard” –
Now we know why the state legislatures are trying to include this subject into the curricula of public schools: Planned Parenthood money and its substantial political influence are behind this agenda.

Few people know that Planned Parenthood has expanded its business model to include Transgender Counseling leading to Transgender Hormone Therapy………….

Culture Of Death: Pathetically Celebrates Brittany Maynard As A Hero


…………It’s not that difficult to identify those who adopt the culture of death. To a certain extent they are narcissistic and ultra selfish. Those self-destructing traits invariably mirror a macabre mentality which is material, anti-spiritual [God] and hence, anti-human………….

………….The mainstream media, of course attempts to make heroes out of these “do it yourself” people. They are not heroes. Here following, is a story of a real hero; someone this Moralmatters emeritus Christian pastor was blessed to meet – getting to know him and help him pass through his suffering and dying hospice experience…………

Supposed Santa Monica College shooting: Smells like another hoax

Why can’t the government hire better actors? After all it has oodles of taxpayer money at its disposal. Remember the bank bailouts and all those “shovel ready” jobs Obama was going to create? However, it appears as if the only thing Obama and his coordinated efforts have “created” lately are… Read more“Supposed Santa Monica College shooting: Smells like another hoax”

Last week’s top blog article and other postings: December 16-22/12

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This man in the news story was about as foolish as those who intend to vote for our White House occupier the second time around: Mauled Man Charged With Trespassing At Bronx Zoo – Excerpt: NEW YORK (AP) — Before his now-infamous tangle with a Bronx Zoo tiger, David Villalobos… Read more“ September 2012: “Can’t Fix Stupid””

Root Cause of the Aurora Shooting Murders

3/12/2014 Update: The following was authored at a time when this author was gullible enough to believe the latest reported news. Since then, he questions these “reported” news “tragedies.” Ask yourself: “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the… Read more“Root Cause of the Aurora Shooting Murders”