Berlin Christmas Mall Fake Truck Attack: Talk Show Host Shill Response


…………….The shills on talk radio, including Rush Limbaugh, are saying that an attack like the one that the MSM has been promoting (Berlin Christmas mall), is coming here …. It’s just a matter of time.

We observed this same pattern last year.

The phony, fake Friday the 13th HOAX attacks in Paris (11/13/2015) caused a similar reaction among the shills on talk radio. At that time, they were saying, “It’s gonna happen here … it’s just a matter of time … “……………….

Mainstream Media Parrot: Talk Show Host Todd Schnitt Vilifies Caller


“Talk show host, Todd Schnitt, is as vile, as they come. Schnitt communicates as one of those “Obamabot”-types who will not honestly debate an issue, but instead, ridicules and vilifies those who disagree with him…………..”

Erik Rush: Radio Talk Show Host True To America’s Founding Values

There is a “one of a kind” radio talk show host who does not ignore the most important news of the day. He is candid and always ready to expose big government’s propaganda. His name is Erik Rush.