Syria, Haley, Tillerson And Trump: Don’t Believe The Official Narrative


……………………And, for what good reason should we believe President Trump on this whole matter? He abruptly reversed his political campaign position on Syria. What “got into him?” Was he attempting to play “big-boy” and show the world that he is not a perceived buddy of Putin’s Russia?

Blame for the alleged chemical attack placed upon Syria is a “historical repeat” …………………..

Russia Reportedly Decimates 150 U.S. Government Syrian Terrorists


Understand that the following news piece is from a Western source. It’s from pernicious mainstream media, which to this day have always ignored aka Obama’s criminal ID forgery fraud, his Planned Parenthood crimes against humanity, his false reality propaganda / violence events crimes against the peace and his De Facto status as ISIS Commander-In-Chief………………

…………………The Syrian War is not that difficult to figure out, once one understands that the United States Government is hell-bent on Middle East upheaval; its destabilization of sovereign governments with the specific goal of ‘regime change.’ That’s the criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama’s devilish formula for “hope and change” across the Atlantic Ocean……………..”

Putin Also Exposes Terrorist Obama As A Heinous Global Hypocrite


“Please note the multiple informational links following the large pic and its caption:…………….”

Obama’s Ukraine Nazism: U.S. Taxpayer Funded Military Indoctrination Children’s Camp


“The following news highlights more evidence of aka Obama’s modern-day Nazism. The aka Obama cabal was not content with Ukraine regime change. Its terrorist meddling influence now trains youth to become 21st Century (modern-day) Nazis:………………..”

Obama’s mental illness becomes worse: His most recent delusional denial

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” – Proverbs 1:7 – KJV It gets very old. Obama invoked the “Blame Bush” mantra the first 4 years of his usurped White House occupancy. Since that time, its been anything and everything that… Read more“Obama’s mental illness becomes worse: His most recent delusional denial”

Obama’s hypocritical urge to wage war on Syria

Please note the important informational links following the pic: Related: The Monsanto Monster: Genetically Modified Organisms ( 800 Scientists Demand The End To Global GMO “Experiment” ( Also Related: Obama’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and his half brother, explains his Benghazi scandal and attempted cover-up ( Chemical Weapons allegation… Read more“Obama’s hypocritical urge to wage war on Syria”

Chemical Weapons allegation against Syria: Obama attempts to smokescreen his reported criminal bribery

A “primer” note to fix in mind while reading the following article: “It’s” all about Obama. Everything; his foreign policy actions as well as his domestic actions and inactions.  Remember: Obama is not well. He is narcissistic in nature, as well as being a liberal, progressive, socialist and Marxist, all rolled into one contrived “package.”… Read more“Chemical Weapons allegation against Syria: Obama attempts to smokescreen his reported criminal bribery”