Education Propaganda Style: Insidious Social Conditioning


………….A Moralmatters Reader sends along her following remarks (with video) about an educational “tool” utilized to form (indoctrinate) young minds:………….

Academic Education Is Built Upon The False Heliocentric Foundation

“Modern academic education is based upon major unevidenced, theories. For instance, that Earth is a spherical ball and that a magical force called “gravity” glues the oceans to Earth’s surface as it allegedly spins approximately 1,000 mph at the equator and allegedly rotates around the Sun @ 66 X 1,000 mph, fantastic speed.

Current political correctness academic education eagerly adopts the “heliocentric” theory. That unproven theory has…………..”

Martial Law Conditioning: Recent School Lock-Downs


“The following from a Moralmatters Reader:…………..”

West Coast A Favorite For Government Created Violence Events: Seattle Shooting The Latest

…….Has it ever occurred to you that all these government created violence events are natural machinations of the wicked, corrupted and perverted personality of the criminal White House ID fraud who presently calls himself [aka] Barack Hussein Obama?……

Barack Obama’s ruthless character

With election day fast approaching, it is supremely important for the American people to realize the true character of Barack Hussein Obama. The following video reveals his extreme, odious and ruthless character and nature. Also, please note the major link below this five minute youtube video which logically evidences that… Read more“Barack Obama’s ruthless character”

Chicago union teachers: Ungrateful and Unrealistic

  Chicago teachers strike for first time in 25 years after contract talks fail – Thousands of teachers walked off the job Monday in Chicago, the third-largest U.S. school district, as city officials prepared to look after thousands of students who could end up wandering unsafe streets….. <<<<< –… Read more“Chicago union teachers: Ungrateful and Unrealistic”