Prince: His Chemtrails Talk Silenced

Did Prince stray from the “powers that be,” reservation? Did he actually (unexpectedly and naturally) die at the age of 57? Was he “knocked off?” Or, was [is] he “relocated?”

It’s common knowledge that……………….

Fake, The New F Word: They Are Faking With You


“Please note: Don’t allow the Moralmatters title and subsequent posting, to F [ake] with you. This posting is most serious! And, its video content, is outstanding!

The following video message is authored and performed by a former NASA contracted employee. Moralmatters first became acquainted with his online presence when he watched and listened to (image expert)……………..”

Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Page: Overpopulation Myth

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Overpopulation Myth –

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The Myth Of Human Global Overpopulation Depicted In 3 Pictures


“………….Sadly and pathetically, earth’s humans have never followed Creator God’s First Direct Command of Genesis 1:28. Fallen mankind’s inherent sinful nature is always prone to circumvent what Creator / Savior God, ordained. Hence, (among many other wicked travesties) are the cursed proliferation of conspiratorial human global overpopulation fanatics.

Please note the following 3 revealing pictures and subsequent script, which debunk the myth of human global overpopulation. Also note the related informational links below the 4th pic: ………”

Population Control Agenda Explained By Dr. Stanley Monteith

Those who are rabid in their erroneous belief of global human overpopulation are hypocritical. Why don’t they lead by example and eliminate themselves?