Democrats Don’t Talk Dirty: They Do Dirty


“The following pic, compliments of a faithful Moralmatters Reader:……………..”

Franklin Graham: Is His “Campaign for God” Penance For Helping Elect Obama?


“This Moralmatters author is elated that Rev. Franklin Graham is initiating his “Campaign For God.” It is laudable that Graham traverse this United States to encourage Christians to run for political office. But, shouldn’t Rev. Graham first extend his public apologies to America for having assisted the criminal ID forgery fraud, crimes against humanity world-wide terrorist and de facto ISIS Commander-In-Chief, aka Obama, in his usurpation of America’s White House?………………..”

Illegal Aliens And Why Some U.S. Politicians Support Them


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Michigan: Vote No Tomorrow May 5 On Outrageous Pork Barrel Tax Proposal


“……………Tomorrow’s referendum vote is the result of Michigan elected politicians and their inability to make prudent decisions with Michigan taxpayer monies. They only know how to enact more laws and regulations. They didn’t want a campaign record as having voted for new taxes. So, what did they (dishonestly) do?……………..

GOP Suicide: Republicans Drink Compromise Poison


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What distinguishes the Republican Party from the Democrat Party? Not much. Certainly, the two political parties possess different platform paperwork. But when did politicians – especially GOP politicians ever………..”

Malignant Individuals: Moralmatters Adds A New Topical Resource Page


“Moralmatters adds a new topical page. It’s called:

Malignant Individuals

Please check out this topical page as it will be continually updated. After all,………..”

Judas Congressman Trey Gowdy Displays His True Colors


“Moralmatters can now add another criminal aka Obama co-conspirator enabler to the growing list.

Note the cowardly and weak-kneed excuse of big-talker Congressman Trey Gowdy: …………..”