Police State Find Their Lone White Christian Homo-Hating Domestic Terrorist


“An interesting piece appeared on James Tracy’s excellent memoryholeblog.com website. It illustrates the lengths corrupt U.S. Government will go to further……………”

University Of Cincinnati Alleged White Cop Killing Black: Reality Check


“It’s getting old; government contrived and media enabling propaganda false reality events. How are honest, intelligent and informed Americans supposed to believe all these alleged ‘news’ events about white on black killings? Where in the mainstream media news, are reports of real black on black killings? Is it that the aka Obama back-pocket propaganda mainstream media don’t care to report on that Chicago city, which will be host for the criminal White House ID forgery fraud’s ‘Presidential Library of Lies?’……………

……………..Think of it, for a moment. The black population in America comprises about………..”

Oxnard California Police Department Lacks Good Moral Character: Officers Prefer Law Of The Jungle


“Isn’t local law enforcement to be like “blind justice?” Isn’t proper policing designed to enforce the law and ignore personal vendettas? Aren’t police officers to be a “cut above” the current status quo? Apparently, not in Oxnard, California……………”

Fascinating Motorcycle Parade: How do they do that?

Note the boy’s facial body language response before the half way mark of this short 1:16 minute video. You won’t forget it! Posted by: Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel http://www.thechristianmessage.org/ http://moralmatters.org/ Note: Above pic (s) found on the web. The above one was found here:   Motorcyle_Parade.wmv