Planned Parenthood’s Militant And Heinous Agenda: Transgender Counseling And Hormone Therapy Services

………….Young children have NO NEED to learn anything about sex, about gender, about homosexuality, or about “gender identity.” These topics are not even comprehensible to very young children, and yet the state legislatures are working overtime to introduce these topics into the public schools to begin the indoctrination process that will lead to a high incidence of gender confusion among adolescents in the future.

Planned Parenthood ought to have all of its taxpayer funding stopped. It is anti-life, anti-individual, anti-social, anti-cultural and anti-Creator God. – Please note: Nazi Obama’s Planned Parenthood: Where Even Baby Body Parts “Have Their Usefulness” – Pic source: “GOP’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood will hit transgender community hard” –
Now we know why the state legislatures are trying to include this subject into the curricula of public schools: Planned Parenthood money and its substantial political influence are behind this agenda.

Few people know that Planned Parenthood has expanded its business model to include Transgender Counseling leading to Transgender Hormone Therapy………….

United States Deserves No Independence: Only Lord God’s Justice Judgment


“Please note the short 10 minute video (following the script excerpt) which includes the testimony of Holly O’Donnell, ex abortion ‘procurement technician.’ Also view, the Editor’s Note…………….”

“Choosing Thomas:” LOVE Was Chosen For Him


“‘…………In some ways [you know] Thomas is fortunate because he won’t experience first broken heart. His dad will never spank him. He’ll never get grounded. He’ll never get picked on, at school. The only thing that Thomas will ever know in this world is, love…………

……..I’m afraid………………'”

Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State Office Illegally Funneled 10’s Of Millions To Planned Parenthood


>>>>>>>>>>>>> Was Clinton’s material, illegal $100 million AID funding of Planned Parenthood between 2010 and 2012 the motivation behind its bestowal of its 2013 award upon her? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>