Gruber’s Gloating: Will Spilling The Beans Be Catastrophic For Obamacare?


“The following was found on Twitter. Please enjoy. But also reference the non-comical related informational links after the short youtube video:…………….”

Obamacare Scam: Moralmatters Spotlights Obama Healthcare Swindle Servant Jonathan Gruber


…………..It is this Moralmatters author’s view, that Obamacare — (aka “added insurance taxes”) forced upon working Americans, super-sized Obamacare premiums. Those high expenditure pecuniary whippings upon Middle Class Americans, had to first be in place to make room for all of Obama’s new illegal “immigrant” alien children — all being “hosted” on the American “taxpayers’ dime.”

Wicked criminal ID fraud aka Obama and his close-knit handlers aren’t willy-nilly as to their malevolent machinations for this United States. They are the modern-day Machavillian progenitors of those who have always hated America, its non-Communistic, free-enterprise — and especially traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Shall we also include, “‘Christian’ America,” added to the socialist hate mongering list?………….

No Love For Obama As He Engenders Hatred: His Sorry End Is Nearer


“………This Moralmatters author continues to be convinced that aka Obama and his cabal comrades will increasingly be exposed for the evil they have become and the political wickedness they have profusely proliferated. That’s one of the major reasons Americans do not find it difficult to hate traitor and criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, as that emotion is unleashed so naturally. Americans instinctively know with all the supporting evidence to bear, criminal aka Obama intentionally has done his monstrous malevolent best to destroy traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America……….”

Obama Be Damned: Refuses Benghazi And Obamacare Accountability

“…..Will the fires of hell be adequately heated for aka Obama? Will his suffering damnation equal his heinous sins against God, himself and his fellowman?…..”

Obamacare All About Government Control

The following pic was found on the web: “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” [Pastor emeritus Nathan… Read more“Obamacare All About Government Control”

We Have a Phone and Pen Too, Mr. President

The following was printed in the Michigan Tuscola County Advertiser – 2/8/2014: We Have a Phone and Pen Too, Mr. President   On October 1, 2013, the Obamacare website launched. The designers said it was not ready, the security firm said it was not safe and the program to pay… Read more“We Have a Phone and Pen Too, Mr. President”