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Please note: Don’t allow the Moralmatters title and subsequent posting, to F [ake] with you. This posting is most serious! And, its video content, is outstanding!

The following video message is authored and performed by a former NASA contracted employee. Moralmatters first became acquainted with his online presence when he watched and listened to (image expert) Matthew Boylan, being interviewed. He’s an artist by trade and a political analyst / comedian, by choice. Please expand your cognitive world by watching and hearing him blow off some frustration steam. And, be forgiving (as he, like some) has the habit of occasionally uttering the f-word. Please note that the second half of the video, is much different. It is less intensive and entertaining, but very informative and enlightening.

Excerpt from Matthew Boyland’s – TheNASAchannel video (below):

A Must See! The short interview with former NASA contracted painter, Matthew Boyland - Pic Source:

A Must See! The short interview with former NASA contracted painter (“image expert”) Matthew Boyland. – Pic Source:

“…………..They’re going to create this world war scenario so that they can basically gas you like f-ing cockroaches! You can call me crazy because you’re a child whose scared. I’m trying to rock your world here. Okay? This is really going on……….

……….those aren’t real clouds because I grew up with real clouds…..Real clouds aren’t straight f-ing lines………In the name of God the Creator, please protect me from all that is not of your will, nor your creation……I’m disappointed that the rest of you don’t even notice that your air is fake………

………….Who is the wicked? The people doing this? Or, the chicken-shit vermin worm who wants to go look for an organic Greek salad and talk about how they’re vegans, but omit everything above their eye-line, as fake.

Fake is the new F word. Okay? They’re faking with you! They’re faking you up! The whole thing is faked! It’s a big ‘Fake you!’ ‘Fake off!’ This is a ‘fake off!’ On on your mark! Get set! Fake off! Go fake yourself! with your eyebrows tattooed; your fake tits; your collagen lips. Fake! Fake! Fake!

Pic of Matthew Boylan doing one of his comedy lectures. He comically pointed out when showing the NASA spacecraft on the (fake) moon: [Paraphrase] " looks like the camera crew got there, first!" Pic Source:

Pic of Matthew Boylan performing one of his comedy lectures. He comically pointed out when showing the NASA spacecraft on the (fake) moon: [Paraphrase] “Oh…….it looks like the camera crew got there, first!” Pic Source:

Then you’re going to eat some real bread under your fake sky? The sky’s falling today! Where were you? You missed the whole f-ing thing! 360 degrees of it. Bullshit, GMO, air! Ya, you’re going to eat real food; but guess what? It’s raining fake rain on your f-ing crop. ‘Well, I don’t eat pesticides. I look for the codes for…..I stay away from…, no, no pesticides, herbicides.’ They’re spraying herbicides and f-ing pesticides – fumigating you and your kids. They got you all on pumps….How f-ing stupid are you to call me crazy?………..”

……..You have some serious mind control right now. Because you’re going out looking for real food, while fake f-ing rain is landing on it and you think there’s no chemicals on your f-ing vegetables. You’re an idiot! You’re a fluoridated idiot! I don’t care if you hate me. If you hate me, I’m doing something right! against the fakin’ wicked who are faking the whole planet. Faking it up for everybody. You’re all going to be faked if you don’t wake up!………….

………………….but I will say this, concerning the earth being a ball. Images of the earth as a sphere, are not a proof that the earth is a sphere. Unless they’re authentic, one snap shots of the earth as a ball. And here’s where it gets interesting. There are no photos of the earth as a ball. Those are all CGI paintings – special effects. Because the………

………It really is, carnival magic with nice cartoons……….You need to explain 14 lbs. of air pressure per square inch……..The nature of globalism is a weapon against your mind……….I frauded images and passed them off as photos……”


Source of above video:  TheNASAchannel –

Note the 30 minute interview with Matthew Boylan. Very informative!

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

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