Orlando False Reality Shooting: Media Fairy Tale Meant To Traumatize And Enslave


“……………..The news media is nothing but an entertainment and propaganda business. The news media has presented this fairy tale to traumatize the nation and the world. With enough of these fake tragedies, the majority of the world’s population will submit to all the draconian mandates of the governments………………”

SC Charleston Church Alleged Shooting: Racial Narrative Accompanies False Reality Events


Please note: That a government contrived propaganda / violence event can be fake or real. Theatrical blood or real blood. Crisis actors can be controlled “contributors.” They can be mesmerized via drugs and other means to carry out staged events.

Also – think, “patsy.” This author recalls when he was a little boy. He was an arsonist patsy for another (older) child who gave him the matches. The “mission possible” was to get rid of the straw bale fort which was used by other children, of which I was forbidden to be a part. [I had all the motive in the world to destroy that, with which I was excluded] I will never forget being discovered by my father. Instinctively, he sought me out, knowing that I had set the fire and caused the Fire Department to come to rescue the nearby car and garage by hosing the fire.


One of the latest (believed by this Moralmatters author) to be a false reality event, is the SC Charleston alleged murders of 9 people at a reported historic black church >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Obama Avoided VE Day Celebration: Embarrassed For His Grandfather Adolf Hitler


“Please note the short video and multiple informational links following the Moralmatters commentary:

There is a very good reason why America’s criminal White House ID forgery fraud did not attend the 2015 VE (Victory in Europe) Day Anniversary Celebration. Why? He would be celebrating the defeat of WWII’S Nazi Germany. And, if Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge is accurate (as this author believes she is) aka Obama did not care to have his grandfather Adolf, roll over in his grave:………………….”

Obama’s Hatred For Christ’s Cross


“Please note the disturbing news piece [below] in which members of our U.S. Military have again been stiffed by the White House usurper / occupier, criminal ID fraud, aka Obama: ………….”

Sean Hannity Plays Into Obama’s Hand: Hosts Alleged Brother Of Aka Obama

The FOX Network [so-called] “conservative” talk show host who ignores aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud has played into aka Obama’s propaganda hand by hosting the White House ID [criminal] fraud’s alleged brother, who essentially accented Bari’s Dream’s book propaganda narrative………………..

Devil’s Disciple Obama Scheduled For Wednesday Evening Speech Lies

“…………Does the devil cease from lying? Do his disciples ever take a break from the same? This Wednesday evening — September 10th, the White House criminal ID fraud will again lie to America, and (as usual) the mainstream news media will haply parrot the propaganda he will deceptively convey…………..

Ferguson Missouri: A Contrived And Manipulated Event To Further Government Control

Please note: If you are an individual who sugar coats reality and does not believe in the “depravity of man” [human nature] — [1] [2] — please read no further. If you are one of those [many] individuals who deny that Scriptural reality — chances are you may be among the scores of individuals who believe big government propaganda and accept the daily mainstream news media reporting drumbeat………..