Obama Unfit For President: He’s A Terrorist Monster


“When you aid and abet the enemy, it makes you one of them. When you become a terrorist accomplice, it makes you a terrorist. Please note the evidencing informational links following the large pic:………….”

Criminal Masquerading Mainstream Media Celebrates Criminal Hillary Clinton As A Victorious Victim


“Not only is Hillary Clinton, the criminal ID forgery fraud and his political cabal deserving of the gallows over their Benghazi lies and treasonous armament ‘gun-running’ to Muslim terrorists, but certain influential media personalities are equally guilty for spreading their treasonous propaganda against Americans and America’s Constitutional Republic……………”

Trump Stereotyped A Boogeyman: Hypocritical Media Ignore Criminal ID Fraud Obama And Muslim Training Camps


“…………..Donald Trump needs to call a short news conference and directly speak to the bogus issue very recently raised by mainstream media. No media questions, allowed. Only enough time to tell big back-pocket Obama enabling media, to “stuff it!” Cat call MSM hypocrisy!

Trump would be very wise to…………….”

Crisis Actor Obama Fading: Recent Photography Portrays His Downhill Slide


“Photography is often employed to showcase triumph. However, photos also reveal the stark agonies of defeat. The following photos of criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, highlight a frail man being crushed beneath his own deception. These pics reveal hypocrisy, torment, desperation and defeat……………..”

All In The Family Plan: Obama’s Baltimore Puppet Mosby Invoking Malcolm X Revolutionary Formula


“Please note the Moralmatters reader comments following the short mini-commentary:

It appears all along that the recent Baltimore riots were spawned by criminal aka Obama and his radical leftist cabal. Is he attempting to …………”

Major Human Reason For Obama Destruction Of America


>>>>>>>>>>>>> The arrogant political sin of ignoring aka Obama’s criminal White House occupancy vis-a-vis his felony ID forgery, has compounding daily and negative consequences. Each and every day……….How long will it take for aka Obama to be completely successful? Will he genuinely succeed?………..

Note the Moralmatters reader’s comment, below:

“Douglas:” left the following comment after the Moralmatters posting of: The False Reality Police Shooting Of Walter Scott: ……………. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ted Cruz Like Criminal Obama: Constitutional Law Is Despised


>>>>>>>> Please note the latest Moralmatters approved comments following the article of Ted Cruz Should Not Expect Honest And Intelligent Americans To Vote For Him – moralmatters.org:

“I am amazed this is even up for discussion. By our own Constitution, he is ineligible to run for POTUS……why are people <<<<<<<<