Politicians And Prostitutes: What Do They Have In Common?


“…………..The following pic, compliments of a Moralmatters Reader:…………..”

Adam Lanza And His Mythical Sandy Hook Shootout


“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” 

President Trump, Saudi King And Egyptian President Celebrate The Global Lie


“Evidence continues to mount as to President Trump being another political crisis actor. This time it is his offensive first foreign trip. Reported news and video coverage coming out of Saudi Arabia has Donald Trump and administration officials jointing-in Saudi protocol celebration.

Most troubling was the hands-on model (false) facsimile of the world; a spherical type glowing object looking like a model globe.

Why would President Trump and other high profile Easterners participate in this type of ceremony?…………….”

Cleveland Shooting Live On Facebook: Another Staged Event


…………..This latest “live” shooting will likely be used in an effort to further censor the posts of all Facebook users. It will also likely be used to further monitor all the activities and locations of FB users…………..

NASA Goes Berserk: Makes Wild Outer Space Claims Of Exploding Star


“The biggest lies appear not only to attract the most attention, but they also ensnare the auditory and sensory perceptions of the greater percentage of the populace. Few entities can be credited with capturing the masses with more lies and deceptions than the U.S. Government’s propaganda agency, NASA.

The following fantastic tale is one of the latest from NASA. Its yarn is worth your attention. Why?…………………”

President Donald Trump: Crisis Actor Of NASA Propaganda Proportions


“………It is with sore displeasure that this Moralmatters author, writes this commentary. He voted for Donald Trump. Voting for the selected choice, was a no-brainer. The alternative was the Benghazi Butcher. It is always a choice of two less-than-to-be-desired presidential political candidates.

President Donald Trump appears to be just another politician government crisis actor. The signs of his crisis acting role are too major to ignore………..”

Donald Trump Putting America First: Voter Priority Focus


“……….They will continue to dig up anything they can on Trump right up to election day. We must keep the faith and be every mindful of the issues: the supreme court, border security, lower taxes, better trade deals, bringing jobs back, replacing Obamacare and in everything putting America first. You will get none of that if Hillary Clinton is elected.”