Donald Trump Putting America First: Voter Priority Focus


“……….They will continue to dig up anything they can on Trump right up to election day. We must keep the faith and be every mindful of the issues: the supreme court, border security, lower taxes, better trade deals, bringing jobs back, replacing Obamacare and in everything putting America first. You will get none of that if Hillary Clinton is elected.”

New World Order Censorship Strikes Again: Terminates Peekay Truth YouTube Channel


“If you ever desired to be certain of the ongoing attempt to heist reality, go no further than to witness, censorship (aka, online ‘scrubbing’ / deletion). A specific example of that (unjust) censorship can be clearly witnessed with the recent and wicked maltreatment of one of the Internet’s most explosive expositors of mainstream media propaganda, ‘Peekay Truth.’………………..”

Prince: His Chemtrails Talk Silenced

Did Prince stray from the “powers that be,” reservation? Did he actually (unexpectedly and naturally) die at the age of 57? Was he “knocked off?” Or, was [is] he “relocated?”

It’s common knowledge that……………….

Obama’s Beau Biden Eulogy: An Unrepentant Tyrant’s Conflicted Rhetoric


“……….Aka Obama’s Beau Biden eulogy was praised by Bari’s mainstream media. Such suck-up adulation is no surprise. One headline implied that the Beau Biden death, the mourning and funeral events………..

……….The eulogy read “speech” was very well constructed. Aka Obama in boot-click cadence fashion began with the “broad-shouldered” theme. He carried that virtue imagery to the very scripted, end. But, like all of Bari’s spoken words, he cannot begin and end his utterances, without reflecting and showcasing his lifestyle lying character. So it was with the Beau Biden Eulogy……………”

Must see video describes Obama’s dastardly hope for America and its destruction change

This author does not care to spend the time watching youtube videos over 10 – 12 minutes. But, he will assure you that this 34 minute youtube is more than well worth your time. If you are a wise individual who does not accept hook, line and sinker what… Read more“Must see video describes Obama’s dastardly hope for America and its destruction change”