Donald Trump Putting America First: Voter Priority Focus


“……….They will continue to dig up anything they can on Trump right up to election day. We must keep the faith and be every mindful of the issues: the supreme court, border security, lower taxes, better trade deals, bringing jobs back, replacing Obamacare and in everything putting America first. You will get none of that if Hillary Clinton is elected.”

Police State Find Their Lone White Christian Homo-Hating Domestic Terrorist


“An interesting piece appeared on James Tracy’s excellent website. It illustrates the lengths corrupt U.S. Government will go to further……………”

Brussels Bombing: Appears To Be Another False Reality Event


“Isn’t it again very interesting that another violence event has reportedly taken place and its news is (immediately) spread world-wide; and, the government, law enforcement and media sources have detailed information well within the first 24 hours of it first taking place? With all that obvious ability to access all that top-notch information, why can’t governments and law enforcement agencies prevent these alleged crimes of terror? Do they care? Or, are they engineering and staging them for control purposes?……………………”

Hunting Hitler TV Series: Moralmatters Revisits His Critique


“It’s rare as hen’s teeth that this Moralmatters author should receive razor-edge feedback from one of his faithful readers. The reaction comment was received via private message soon after the shocked reader viewed the following Moralmatters commentary:……………”

Putin’s Push To Purge Syria Of Obama’s Modern-Day Nazi Terrorists


“………..Is it any wonder that pernicious Western American mainstream media would demonize Russia’s Putin while praising demonic aka Obama?

Western [American] mainstream media aligns itself with the United States imperialist (aka, ‘meddling’) mindset. Whenever Mother Russia is media-invoked, it is always in the backdrop of a “boogeyman” status. Modern-day Russia is stereotyped and consistently cast within the malevolent framework of obstructing global democracy. However,,…………”

Planned Parenthood Modern-Day Nazis Deciding Who Have Mental Problems


>>>>>>>>>> Will the American people ever discover and realize a gracious God-given spiritual sense? Will the populace finally awaken to the wicked infestation of U.S. Government ? That it is inter-woven with demonic spiritual forces?

Who desires to be the holier-than-thou arbiter, deciding who has ‘mental problems?’ The same U.S. government which justifies modern-day Nazi criminal crimes against humanity Planned Parenthood abortion genocide and the black-market sale of baby body and organ parts……….

…………Also – Note how modern-day Naziesque America is driven by money-mongering Planned Parenthood and Nazi politicians who will do anything to protect its merchant network of baby body parts and baby body organ “derivatives:”………………. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Political Correctness And Hypocritical Multiculturalism: Illustrated In One Pic


“If you desire to understand political correctness and multiculturalism – the 2 (unholy) ‘sacraments’ of the present aka Obama depraved cabal government, look no further. The following pic aptly illustrates. Naziesque political leaders have been undermining………….”