Muslims: Moralmatters Adds A New Resource Topic Page


“Please note that a new topical resource page, has been added to this Moralmatters website:………….”

Muslim “Refugees:” Crybaby Obama’s Lies And Ridicule Get Old


“The White House criminal ID forgery fraud, and lifestyle deceiver, aka Obama, is at it again; lying and ridiculing:…………….”

Clock Kid: False Reality To Promote Muslims As Victims

“The sure sign that this ‘clock’ story was a staged sham was when aka ‘O’ invited the kid to the White House.

The normal course of events would have been for the school officials to………..”

For Those Who Don’t Know It Yet: Obama is Muslim


“For those who haven’t figured it out yet where criminal aka Obama places his allegiances, please do yourself and everyone else, a huge favor…………..”

More Treason: Obama And Eric Holder Enable ISIS American Volunteers

“It is the same aka Obama / Attorney General Eric Holder led cabal government which allows multiple Islamic terrorist training camps within the United States, which is presently hampering efforts to investigate Islamic extremist ISIS volunteers, in America…………….

……….This is no valid reason to cater to and coddle these foreign enemies — and, American citizens fighting for the ISIS Islamic extremists! They also, along with aka Obama and Holder need to be charged with treason and be brought to justice!”.. …………..

Why Obama Doesn’t Care About His Poor Approval Rating Among Americans

Terrorist minded aka Obama, doesn’t care what Americans think of him now that he is in the White House. He’s only driven to fulfill his devilish agenda. Why would he care when he is a life-style liar and a supporter of abortion genocide and Infanticide?

The Difference Between A Militant Muslim And A Moderate Muslim

The following pic and its caption (below) was found on the web. Although it presents a “simplification,” intelligent and honest Westerners [non-Muslims] can appreciate its reality: