Ohio State University Knife Attack: Contrived And Staged False Reality Event


“………….The following pic illustrates the Ohio State University ‘knifing’ false reality:………….”

Hunting Hitler History Channel Actors: Government Crisis Actors Playing Dual Roles?


“In the spirit of the worthy exercise of questioning, examining and evaluating, this Moralmatters author lists questions and concerns about the recent History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler” series………….”

Sandy Hook False Reality Exposed By Another Independent Media Solidarity Documentary


“………………Oh yes, don’t be surprised that this documentary is also repeatedly scrubbed from the web by the criminal co-conspirators as they think that they can continue to lie to the American people about the contrived Sandy Hook false reality event:……………….”

Sandy Hook Hoax Third Year Anniversary: What Can Be Done About This Criminal False Reality?


“Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the crimes against peace, government contrived and law enforcement, media and crisis actor false reality (fraud) that was perpetrated against the American public.

Since that time, many people have learned that the Sandy Hook school “shooting” affair did not transpire as was reported by pernicious mainstream media. Time and space have unequivocally evidenced a false reality hoax of massive proportions………”

San Bernardino, CA Shooting Drill: Contrived Event Reported Real By Media Whores


“If there is anything that illustrates “over-kill” in our present day American culture, it is the continuance of government contrived propaganda events (aka false reality hoaxes). They are apparently and malevolently designed to be like a nagging wife who will not cease hounding her husband until he either gives-in to her, divorces her, or ends up, strangling her (out of sheer frustration)…………………”

Performance Of Santa Barbara Richard Martinez Worse Than Sandy Hook Hoax Government Crisis Actors


Anonymous “Barry Soetoro, ESQ” who comments on the birtherreport.com website made the following claim about the Santa Barbara crisis actor, Richard Martinez:

WORST Crisis Actor. Ever. This actor plays “Father of Victim” in Santa Barbara hoax shooting…………

Video: Is There No End To Sandy Hook Hoax Hush Money?

Please note the important related informational links after the short 4 minute video. Also note the definition of a hoax. “The king establishes the land by justice, but he who receives bribes overthrows it.” – Proverbs 29:4 – NKJV “Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men: In whose hands… Read more“Video: Is There No End To Sandy Hook Hoax Hush Money?”