Hillary Clinton’s Declining Health: How Mainstream Media Provide Propaganda Cover


It’s not a new tactic, the practice of providing propaganda for gullible public consumption. It’s “tried and true.” “True,” in the sense that this tactic of smoke screen, always works; at least, initially………………

Obama Bathroom Bâri′: Fraud And Pervert President Is Totally Mad


“………….”For a sitting president to send to ALL school districts in the US an edict about bathroom behavior in public schools is sick in the extreme. This fraud and pervert president is totally mad…………..”

Illinois Family Institute Week In Review Online Newsletter: August 1, 2015


“Please note the rich Independent online resource, below. Especially do so, realizing that mainstream media is evermore (and increasingly) transforming itself into a tabloid-type forum for government propaganda and the latest Hollywood scandal sheet (garbage) ‘news.’

Take notice of the thoughtful articles. Subscribe for IFI’S free delivery to your email……………”

Molestation By Five Supreme Court Justices: Unlawfully Ramrodding The LGBT Agenda Down America’s Throat


< <<<<<<<<< A Moralmatters reader weighs in on the recent Supreme Court decision of which 5 SC justices bent over for LGBT activists. Due to homosexual activists' molesting nature, the will of the people vis-a-vis multiple state referendums wasn't good enough for them. Instead they circled around to the high court's "back-door" and found weak-kneed court justices to perform their aberrant wishes. The federal government has no moral or legal right to dictate a student's academic education. Unfortunately, and to the culture's demise, big government has presumed the role of nanny educator. Isn't it a wonderful thing for individual states >>>>>>>>>>>

Supreme Court’s Delusional Gay Marriage Decision: Tyranny Fallout


>>>>>>>>>>> I believe the “marriage equality” decision will have a chilling, diminishing – and possibly devastating – effect upon the Christian, Bible-teaching churches and pastors in the United States.

This new SCOTUS mandate will now empower homosexuals (“gays”) to >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Heterophobe Supreme Court: Communicates Heterosexual Marriage Invalid


“………………….Human laws never supersede divine laws. Legality is never to be equated with the divine moral law, as set forth in The Ten Commandments (and otherwise) in Holy Scripture. Disciples of Christ will not allow themselves to be defined and ruled by human laws which are often contrary to divine laws……………………..”

Christian Leaders Courageous Declaration: Will Oppose Supreme Court Decision Legalizing Same Sex Unions As Marriage


Don’t expect Christian church bodies and organizations to take a stand. Some of them are too busy enabling our White House criminal ID (forgery) fraud to host illegal aliens……..

……..It’s refreshing to witness individual Christian leaders ban together, affixing their signatures to a document in full support of marriage – the same traditional “marriage” that has always been recognized as genuine marriage. That………”