Trump: If Elected, Will He Address Criminal Obama’s Felony ID Forgery Fraud?


“The main point about the main point is to focus on the main point.”

The flailing Democrat Benghazi Butcher’s (aka, Hillary Clinton’s) campaign, this week, attempted to embroil the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, in the “Birther” issue. Trump apparently, refused to take the bait…………..

Obama’s Beau Biden Eulogy: An Unrepentant Tyrant’s Conflicted Rhetoric


“……….Aka Obama’s Beau Biden eulogy was praised by Bari’s mainstream media. Such suck-up adulation is no surprise. One headline implied that the Beau Biden death, the mourning and funeral events………..

……….The eulogy read “speech” was very well constructed. Aka Obama in boot-click cadence fashion began with the “broad-shouldered” theme. He carried that virtue imagery to the very scripted, end. But, like all of Bari’s spoken words, he cannot begin and end his utterances, without reflecting and showcasing his lifestyle lying character. So it was with the Beau Biden Eulogy……………”

Researcher Trowbridge Links Obama To 1975 Weather Underground Domestic Terrorist Group

…….Discovering that violent means was not the [then] practical and prudent manner to reach their malevolent goals, Bari Malik Shabazz – [now] aka Barack Hussein Obama was drafted (“launched”) and groomed to be the US de facto “president,” criminal White House ID fraud, to complete the job…….

The “Terrible Truth” of Obama’s ID fraud: He learned well from his mother

Reality eventually finds a way to pry the lid from the ignored and obscure. Once lifted, truth emerges. It may take a graduated period of time; but truth is never stagnant. It always stalks and trumps deceit. Scores of individuals live lives based upon untruth. They presume upon the honesty,… Read more“The “Terrible Truth” of Obama’s ID fraud: He learned well from his mother”