Trump: If Elected, Will He Address Criminal Obama’s Felony ID Forgery Fraud?


“The main point about the main point is to focus on the main point.”

The flailing Democrat Benghazi Butcher’s (aka, Hillary Clinton’s) campaign, this week, attempted to embroil the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, in the “Birther” issue. Trump apparently, refused to take the bait…………..

Sheriff Clarke Crisis Actor: Accepts Propaganda Mainstream Media Narrative


……….Sheriff David Clarke is no better than the (so-called) “conservative” talk show hosts who tout their love for capitalistic freedom-loving America. These talk show hosts all follow the propaganda mainstream media whoredom story-line narrative. They all “boot-click” report and speak of government inspired and sponsored propaganda / violence events, as if those events were spontaneously generated and not contrived and staged……….