News Events: Stop, Think, Question, Examine And Evaluate


“A common question followed up by a premature conclusion arises from those who either do not take the time to understand or the same people who first believe the media story line when they first witness it:………….

…………..Herein is the folly. When people hear via radio news or view and hear TV news about some widely publicized violence or otherwise event, they automatically believe it. They believe the negative; the worst.

Their initial human nature response is that of knee-jerk reaction; to…………”

Helen Thomas daughter of Obama: Her spiritual legacy is hatred

Please note the short youtube video and related links after the following pic: Moralmatters posted on his Facebook last week: “A daughter of Obama has been reported to have died today – Helen Thomas. She was bigoted against Israel, also. Remember that as you witness the news with Obama making… Read more“Helen Thomas daughter of Obama: Her spiritual legacy is hatred”