Muslim Inbreeding: Devastating For Peaceful Co-Existence


“I am an Arabic woman who can testify that most Arabs, and especially Muslim Arabs, come from “inbred” families. Typically, Arabic men marry their first cousins and reproduce accordingly.

Most educated people understand that the consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have a very serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings.

I speak from experience because I know this from my own family. I have seen the tragic consequences of consanguineous marriages at first-hand.

The children of consanguineous marriages………………”

American Taxpayers Forced To Fund ISIS: Hideous Prescription By The Ruling Classes

“…………Here is the agenda: ISIS/ISIL will be working WITH the moderate Syrian rebels to topple the Assad regime. The United States is funding much of the effort. The Ruling Classes failed to gain citizen buy-in to “War on Syria” last year, so they are using a new plan this year.

The Ruling Classes raised up ISIS. This group was recruited, funded and trained by the CIA, but this group is actually al-Qaeda re-branded with a new name…………”

More Treason: Obama And Eric Holder Enable ISIS American Volunteers

“It is the same aka Obama / Attorney General Eric Holder led cabal government which allows multiple Islamic terrorist training camps within the United States, which is presently hampering efforts to investigate Islamic extremist ISIS volunteers, in America…………….

……….This is no valid reason to cater to and coddle these foreign enemies — and, American citizens fighting for the ISIS Islamic extremists! They also, along with aka Obama and Holder need to be charged with treason and be brought to justice!”.. …………..

ISIS Didn’t Suddenly Appear: It Was Put Into Power

The Islamic terrorist organization called ISIS, didn’t just suddenly appear. It was spawned from a badly damaged Middle East. Furthermore, American influences and operatives did their share to bring about its ugly and destructive crimes against humanity, existence.

Please note the 21 minute informational video………………

Benghazi terrorisim aftermath: Body language of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reveals great divide

See the interesting video below and first note the following: Revealed are the on-stage body language of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and White House occupier, Barack Obama,  illustrating the Obama Administration’s foreign policy debacle and attempted cover-up aftermath of the Benghazi Ambassador Chris Steven’s murder. Hillary appears on the edge, with… Read more“Benghazi terrorisim aftermath: Body language of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reveals great divide”

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Obama discovers terrorism or does he?

Would you believe that our Muslim orientated White House occupier has discovered the reality of terrorism against the United States? Don’t you think it is about time? Or, has he really admitted that Islamic terrorists are waging their terrorist war against America? Supposedly and finally Obama, through his spokesman, Jay… Read more“Obama discovers terrorism or does he?”