Obama ISIS De Facto Commander-In-Chief Massacres Christians


< <<<<<<<<<<<< Partnering with terrorists makes one a terrorist. An accomplice auto driver of a gangster assassination hit, is guilty of corroborating with the murderous hit-man. A severe sentence and punishment equally awaits the one who aided and abetted the murderer. Last Century's WWII Third Reich Adolf Hitler did not personally gas and load human bodies into Nazi oven chambers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cry Me A River Republicans: Rank Hypocrisy Over Obama’s Illegal Unilateral Alien Amnesty


………The outcry by Republican politicians and others over aka Obama (illegally) granting millions of illegal immigrant aliens, amnesty (by unilateral executive order) is both a shame and sham………..

………Republican politicians and others who would squeal over aka Obama’s illegal “prosecutorial discretion” to grant illegal immigrant aliens a legal-type American status, (by refusing to enforce existing immigration law) need to hang their heads in shame. They have nothing to squeal about since they have allowed and enabled (by their political sins of silence) a criminal felon to occupy the Presidential branch of U.S. government………..

Obama’s conscience or lack of it

Volumes could be authored regarding “conscience,” and how conscience or lack of it, is one of the major motivating factors which precipitates good moral behavior, or evil behavior. Following, are some basic definitions to help guide this article’s readers as they [you] ponder this web posting. Please note (after the… Read more“Obama’s conscience or lack of it”

Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge continues unraveling Obama’s past: Fake mother – Stanley Ann Dunham


“Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge masterfully exposes 3 digital “identifiers” in her latest article exposing Obama’s background criminal fraud:…………..”