Pay To Play Hillary Clinton: Her Cockamamie Claim About Trump And Russia


“……….Please note what the Benghazi Butcher (aka, Hillary Clinton) can no longer hide. Witness from the short You Tube video (below) and following informational links, who (really) is being influenced by outside sources to damage America and to sell her, out. Those grievous offenses are being perpetrated by none other, than the corrupt Clinton’s:…………”

FCC Caves: Bows To Undocumented Obama To Tax And Regulate Internet


“The Federal Government never misses opportunities to tax that which it is finally able to wickedly grasp and clasp with its slimy tentacles.

And, we all know that with taxing, comes…………..

……………….It’s official. The Internet will now be regulated as a public utility……..”

Moralmatters Commends Various You Tube Channel Authors


This afternoon this Moralmatters author visited a couple of his friends. Without this author bringing up this website or the subject of “conspiracy theories,” one of these two dear friends alluded to “Conspiracy Theory.” (This friend, apparently cannot accept the reality that government and mainstream media have colluded over the past 20 years to produce nefarious “contrived government and media propaganda and violence events).”

Mind you, Moralmatters does not choose his friends and acquaintances based upon whether they agree with him, or not. I was all ears when my friend expressed his conspiracy theory that a genuine conspiracy theory must have…………

Internet Censorship Police State: Peekay22 You Tube Channel A Recent Example


While working (this afternoon – 1/15/15) on a new Moralmatters article featuring the excellent Peekay22 summation of the Charlie Hebdo Paris Shooting hoax, his Youtube channel was shut down. His web presence no longer carries the video or any of his videos. Instead a blank video screen appears. There appeared the following notice:

“This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. Sorry about that.”

The youtube notice about being “sorry,” is, of course, disingenuous and a blatant lie.

Later on I checked………………….