Pay To Play Hillary Clinton: Her Cockamamie Claim About Trump And Russia


“……….Please note what the Benghazi Butcher (aka, Hillary Clinton) can no longer hide. Witness from the short You Tube video (below) and following informational links, who (really) is being influenced by outside sources to damage America and to sell her, out. Those grievous offenses are being perpetrated by none other, than the corrupt Clinton’s:…………”

Internet Punishes Whistle-Blowers: Google And YouTube Censorship


“Moralmatters is familiar with censorship. Its content has been censored. Various methods are utilized to prevent cyberspace material from being seen and read on the Internet.

One common method of censorship is……………”

SONY Hack Mission Successful: Most Americans Believe The Refuse Propaganda


“You have to be a foolish and gullible person to believe the corrupt government and mainstream media propaganda that North Korea was responsible for the SONY Internet hack. The North Korean government cannot even adequately feed its own people, let alone provide basic electricity for them. Yet, (curiously) this restrictive big mouth / carry-a-little-stick government, is the (convenient) scapegoat of the aka Obama cabal, which is gearing up to protect Americans from “evil” Internet hackers……………..”

The SONY Hack: Government Contrived Events Intended For Big Government Control


“Please note the related informational links, following the short video:

Excerpt of the following AMTV video:

…..It’s so freaking obvious. This is all about the Internet. It’s all about censorship. And it’s all about……..”