Boston Marathon Bombing Brown Cow: Peekay22 Exposes Crisis Actor Mildred Valverde


“Peekay 22” vividly describes one of the coverage videos taken of the Boston Marathon “bombing” mass media event (hoax). See the revealing 11 minute video following the partial script of it:

Peekay22 specifically zeros in on a crisis actor, “Mildred Valverde,” of whom he nicknames, “Brow Cow” – aka a [fake] “bombing victim:”…………

Government Conspirators Attempt To Hide Sandy Hook Reality: Nancy Lanza Alive


Big government colluding with mainstream media have demonized those who uncover government contrived violence events, as “conspiracy theorists.” On the contrary, it is big government and its complicit propaganda media who are the real conspirators. They criminally conspire to…………..

Boston Marathon Bombing Cowboy Man Exposed: Crisis Actor Carlos Arredondo

A Moralmatters Reader comments about Boston Bombing “Cowboy Man.” Please note the informative video following the short comment which helps to expose the government / media hoax event:

“I was really shocked to learn about how long Carlos Arredondo (‘Arredondo Strong’) has been a criminal and how the Ruling Classes decided to use him for their own purposes.

Another shock was to see how he much was fooling around before it was time for his big photo-op at the Boston Firecracker Expo………”

The Alleged James Foley Beheading: A Woman Played The Part


“……The corporate media are a conglomerate. Nearly all tied to corporations. The corporate media which profit from war, fear, and helplessness. Detach yourself from them, emotionally, financially and spiritually…….”

Americans Duped By Government / Media Hoaxes: Crisis Actors And Their Smiling Faces

………If a majority of Americans would take to heart the aforementioned question, they would smartly evolve into competent thinking individuals. They would question what they hear; examine what they see; and evaluate what others would have them believe. The framing and founding fathers of this United States never intended its future inhabitants to be mindless — controlled by a very small percentage of wicked control freaks.

Please note the short 4 minute youtube video exposing hoax crisis actors………….

James Foley Crisis Acting Parents Lack Natural Anger And Tears After Son’s Supposed Beheading

“………..I do not believe that Foley was beheaded. I believe that was a staged event. And, I see no proof to suggest otherwise. You see a guy that gives a very well rehearsed speech. There’s no stuttering. There’s no nervousness. There’s no nothing, it’s well filmed. There’s several camera angles. There’s the whole ‘kit and caboodle.’ Well, wait to you see this. This will knock your socks off you……….