Hillary Clinton: Moralmatters Reader Says She Has An Ugly Mouth


“Recently this Moralmatters author read a leftist Hollywood-type tabloid mainstream news article featuring Hillary Clinton (essentially) saying that she was a Christian. Honest, intelligent and intelligent souls will not be deceived by that propaganda as………

Please note the one Moralmatters reader’s pointed observation of Hillary Clinton:……..”

Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Ripped Off Haitians


“Please note the related informational links following the 1 minute video: ………….”

Obama, Michelle And Hillary Can Face A Similar Historical Fate: Italian Resistance Movement


“Will history repeat itself in similar fashion with the treasonous aka Obama cabal? Could our criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama, his First Fake Lady and Hillary Clinton be hanging from meat hooks?……..

………Only problem being – could there be 3 readily accessible ropes, 2 of which would be adequate enough to string up the hefty self-appointed Fat Czar, Michelle, and the dead weight, scandal-ridden pant suit, Benghazi butcher?”…………

Hillary Clinton’s Rabid Ideology Leaves No Room For Religious Tolerance


“It would be a travesty for America to host Hillary Clinton as its next president. The Benghazi butcher winning the 2016 election, is likely to be worse than the present criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama. Her being elected, would be…………….”

Hillary Clinton Presidential Run: Attempted Escape From Immoral And Criminal Past


“Please note the large pic and related informational links following the 2 paragraph Moralmatters mini commentary:

Hillary Clinton’s recent attempted run for the U. S. Presidency, is speedily becoming a daily absurdity as increasing numbers of Americans are swiftly becoming cognizant of her immoral and lurid criminal past. To think that she would even possess a gnat’s eyelash possibility of the proverbial snowball’s existence in hell, is like thinking that the devil would be welcome in holy heaven.