Independent Media Solidarity Presents Extensive Documentary About The Alleged Sandy Hook Newtown School Shooting


“………….The future of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America is at stake. Honest, intelligent and freedom loving Americans no longer need to be ruled by government criminals and mainstream media criminals. These criminals deserve to be publicly exposed and eventually brought to trial. It is incumbent that these same wicked individuals (who involve themselves in massive public scams) be indicted, prosecuted, sentenced and severely punished for all their fraud………..”

Boston Marathon Bombing Wheelchair Amputee: His Living Presence Showcases The Criminal Government And Media Fraud

Video Clip Excerpt:

“…………..What I want to point out. This guy supposedly had 2 legs blown off. This is 20 – 30 minutes after the incident. He was left there lying forever, while they carted less injured people. But this guy would have lost 6 liters of blood within 1 minute, been dead within 2. But, obviously this guy is superman…………”

Cleveland Police Alleged Shooting Death Of Tamir Rice Who Had Alleged Fake Gun


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Several days ago this Moralmatters author viewed the reported short (poor quality) video of the alleged 12 year old black boy reportedly being shot by Cleveland police officers. After he saw it the first time it was obvious to him that this alleged “shooting” was staged.

One of the tell-tale give-a-ways was………………

Ferguson Protests And Rioting Product Of Corrupted Obama Government Manipulation


……………The Ferguson protests and rioting events were manipulated by the influential powers that be. Whether or not there was a genuine shooting resulting in death, this author is not about to assume. Why should he assume? Because mainstream media news says so? Should intelligent, honest and decent people accept media reports by aka Obama’s back pocket media?

Ask yourself:

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Ferguson And The Conspiracy Theorist Straw Man Stereotype: The Ridicule Gets Old


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Those who do not desire others to question their “‘gospel’ understanding” of reality are often arrogant people who are intellectually indolent. Instead, these hapless and meandering souls, rabidly turn on those who question. They end up piling on their propaganda ridicule.

The following commentary article is a clear example of those who ridicule others who question the reported mainstream media events that have transpired in Ferguson Missouri……………………

Proposed Gun Control Law Trashes First, Second And Fourth Amendment Rights

“……So let’s say your neighbor doesn’t like you very much. He can actually petition the court saying that you’re a threat and you lose your Second Amendment right. Actually in this case you lose both your First and your Second Amendment right……”