Obama Gun Control Chatter Petered Out


“Moralmatters likes brief YouTube videos which target the point. Isn’t “the main point about the main point, to focus on the main point?” Please familiarize yourself with…………..”

Burns, Oregon Standoff: Staged #YallQaeda Psychological Operation


“………..The Oregon event reeks of a trap to draw out Christians and patriots so that the Control System can put our names into ‘watch list’ databases and continue to use events like the Oregon Standoff as justification to cancel the Second Amendment…………”

Obama Gun Control: Contrived False Reality Shooting Events And Manipulating Mental Health Status


“Ever wonder why there are so many government contrived violence (shooting) events? Ever wonder why the focus of corrupt federal government politicians (who cannot balance the federal budget) love to focus on everyone’s ‘mental health’ except their own?…………..”

Criminal Crisis Actor-In-Chief Obama: Visits San Bernardino Criminal Crisis Actors


“Please note the related informational links and the YouTube video following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Those not fooled, know that aka Obama’s San Bernardino recent visit wasn’t to grieve with the alleged families of the deceased. They (we) know it was a contrived mainstream media propaganda photo-op opportunity to reinforce the false reality government contrived lie.


Sandy Hook Hoax Third Year Anniversary: What Can Be Done About This Criminal False Reality?


“Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the crimes against peace, government contrived and law enforcement, media and crisis actor false reality (fraud) that was perpetrated against the American public.

Since that time, many people have learned that the Sandy Hook school “shooting” affair did not transpire as was reported by pernicious mainstream media. Time and space have unequivocally evidenced a false reality hoax of massive proportions………”

Pope Francis: His 24 / 7 Weapon Hypocrisy


“What is the financial investment of Pope Francis in the “weapon industry?” not only the cost of the weapons and ammunition but those whom he equips with their (function) practice and potential defensive, use?

It’s always the height of hypocrisy when………………”

False Reality Obama: His Last Over-Kill Ten Days Beginning With The Contrived Oregon Shooting


“October 1-10 has been another series of humdrum days for the criminal White House ID forgery fraud…………”