NASA Trickery: How Easy It Is


……………..American government’s big-brother NASA, is an impressive agency. Since last Century it has gathered unwavering worldwide attention with its massive program of (supposed) space conquest. Billions of people are impressed with NASA’S huge world-wide operation of videos, CGI and artistry. The (false) impression aura of sight, sound and self-acclaimed (alleged) “scientific” discoveries, simply tricks the public………………..

Dallas Police Department Shooting False Reality: Jade Helm Related


< <<<<<<<<<<< Please read the following 2 Moralmatters Reader's comments. Be quickly reminded that the recent (false reality) Dallas Police Department Headquarter's "shooting" event, comes on the heels of the intrusive (aka Obama-conspired) Jade Helm U.S. Military "exercise." Also be reminded that government contrived wickedness is not without an agenda plan. Evil is not haphazard. It is stealthily organized. Last Century's Nazi Germany, is a woeful example. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Why Whistle Blowers Are Not Received And Welcomed: Moralmatters Discovers The Answer


This Moralmatters author was gone from his computer most of the day. During that time he had two separate conversations with two family members. The conversations entailed a major commonality. They revolved around the aspect that reality and truth is absent from government and mainstream media. The other common threads that were present during these two conversations were:

What difference does it make in your [Nathan Bickel’s] life whether government and mass media lie? What can you do about it? What control do you have over it? The other “common thread” was…………………..

What the Obama government does not want you to know about the Boston Marathon bombing reader, “Douglas” has left the following comment after the posting of: Initial evidence: Boston Marathon bombing orchestrated by the authorities – Douglas’ comment: <<<<<<<<  Many bomb scene photos show men who could be operatives. Did they leave their backpack ‘bombs’ on the sidewalk and then leave the scene?… Read more“What the Obama government does not want you to know about the Boston Marathon bombing”