Las Vegas “Shooting” Not As Soap Opera Media Reports


“Sensible and honest people who are not gullible enough to believe everything the mainstream media soap opera narrative news toss them, know some principle telltale signs of what is real news versus fake news. They are not convinced that every violence event happened as reported…………..”

Adam Lanza And His Mythical Sandy Hook Shootout


“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” 

Godzilla And The Reported Baseball Practice Shooter


“…………….I view on TV the latest reported shooting events. Therefore they happened as reported. I accept what I see and hear. No questions or thinking asked. I choose to be one of the millions of gullible people, agreeable with what corrupt big government and complicit mainstream media feed me………………”

Florida: Favored Environment For Staged Terrorism Events


“It’s not surprising that Florida would be a favorite geographical area for government / law enforcement staged events. Florida hosts a sizable older population. Norther “snow-birds” escape their Northeast and Midwest winters, migrating south.That same population is very impressionable.

The aging population is especially vulnerable to propaganda mainstream media news. Aging seniors primary concern is creature comfort. Retirement and sedentary lifestyles help make the elderly ready and gullible viewers of Network Cable Soap Opera TV, while they sip their tea, coffee and adult beverages between rounds of golf-cart golf and Shuffleboard…………..”

London Bridge And Borough Market Terrorist Attacks: Staged Events


“…………..Wolf! Wolf! Another UK “terrorist” attack. Remember the last one? Remember how fake it was? This latest ‘London Bridge attack’ comes within a week of the UK’S big election. Isn’t that strange? or, not so strange such as another telltale sign of a government contrived propaganda / violence event?…………..”

President Trump, Saudi King And Egyptian President Celebrate The Global Lie


“Evidence continues to mount as to President Trump being another political crisis actor. This time it is his offensive first foreign trip. Reported news and video coverage coming out of Saudi Arabia has Donald Trump and administration officials jointing-in Saudi protocol celebration.

Most troubling was the hands-on model (false) facsimile of the world; a spherical type glowing object looking like a model globe.

Why would President Trump and other high profile Easterners participate in this type of ceremony?…………….”

Manchester UK Bombing: Another Staged Drill Designed To Deceive


“………………Pray for those gullible and foolish souls whose fat asses sit on their entertainment living room cushy furniture and who actually believe everything the Network News and their local news media toss them…………….”