SC Charleston Church “Shooting” Event Intended To Traumatize Blacks, Christians And Brainwash Americans


< <<<<<<<<<<<< A Moralmatters Reader shares the following about the contrived SC Charleston Church "shooting" event: My friend who said SC was a "verifiable shooting" is the same guy who insisted that 9/11 was an inside job for so many years that I finally started researching it. How this guy does not know that this incident is a fake is just beyond me. But I don't know what he thinks about >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Adam Lanza Of Dallas And The False Flag President Aka Obama


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The little boy who repeatedly bellowed, “Wolf!” was eventually ignored by those who heard his incessant cries. The same (scenario) is taking place here in aka Obama’s false flag (aka, false reality) America…………..

………………..During America’s “Flag Day” weekend in which the “Dallas Police Headquarters Shooting” false flag event occurred, our usurper White House criminal forgery ID fraud, – (“false flag”) “president” held a secret party in The [our] White House.

Please note…………………

Dallas PD Shooting Story Likely Another False Reality: Its Target Was The Texas Gun Legislation


< <<<<<<<<<<< It's getting real old. The continued flow of government contrived propaganda and violence events (aka, false reality events / hoaxes). They are designed to force public opinion into big brother government's, corner. They are formulated to mess with American minds. They are malevolently orchestrated to force Americans to expect federal government militarized intervention upon state, county and local governments. These intrusive criminally conspired events are staged to seize more control and to do away with Constitutional government and Bill of Rights freedoms. Please note the excellent summation by one Moralmatters reader of one of the latest government contrived false reality events perpetrated in Dallas Texas. Read these comments knowing that this false reality event comes on the heels of the intrusive Obama Jade Helm U.S. Military exercise, which is about to formally begin: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

New York Prison Break: False Reality Event Benefits Scandal-Ridden Governor Cuomo


< <<<<<<<< Unscrupulous politicians always have ways to minimize their scandals. New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo is no different. It appears as if the recent alleged and widely reported New York "prison break" was and is designed to smoke screen (take the "heat" off) some of Cuomo's scandals. [Note: Scandal links below] A Moralmatters Reader offers his observations on the apparent contrived "prison break" >>>>>>>>>>

Baltimore Its Own Worst Enemy: Pictures Explain Self-Mutilation


“Please note the related informational links following the series of Baltimore pics. They help explain what happens when individuals, groups and entities allow themselves to be influenced by bad morals (aka, wickedness).

Having stated the aforementioned. This Moralmatters author applauds those Baltimore residents……………..”

Washington Police Alleged Shooting: Beware Of Government Contrived False Reality

“Please note the many Moralmatters informational links following the short mini-commentary. They are considered by this author to be instructional and essential in helping to determine what is (“reported / “alleged”) false reality and what is (genuine) reality.

What are 3 major telltale signs of government contrived false reality events?………..”

Dirty Soros, Jay-Z and Beyoncé Big Money Sponsored Contrived Ferguson And Baltimore Riots


“A Moralmatters reader passed along the following information. The information intensely helps to substantiate and evidence what Moralmatters has been posting about the criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama’s government / media contrived propaganda and violence events:………………”