Hillary Clinton: Illegal Arms Shipment To Destroy A Trump Election Victory


“A disturbing news report posted by EU Times on Oct 27th, 2016, has the Hillary Clinton Foundation purchase of illegal arms and subsequent shipment to the United States. Those reported actions, are claimed to be intended and designed to upend (and demolish) Donald Trump’s impending 2016 Presidential Election Victory……………..”

Istanbul Ataturk Airport: False Reality Shooting


“You know it’s a contrived false reality event when the latest reported ‘shooting’ massacre is compared to other false reality shooting events. Such is the reality with the reported mainstream media whoredom, International Istanbul Airport shooting event.

You know its a contrived false reality event when the latest reported ‘shooting’ massacre is reportedly……………..”

Refuse The Snake Oil: Stand Against Obama Propaganda


…………….The aka Obama government (cabal) is counting on public opinion to change – in his wicked direction. He can’t wait for more Americans to buy his snake oil anti-Second Amendment pack of lies, propaganda.

Have you ever wondered why all the government contrived violence events? Have you asked yourself why……………

Ferguson Protests And Rioting Product Of Corrupted Obama Government Manipulation


……………The Ferguson protests and rioting events were manipulated by the influential powers that be. Whether or not there was a genuine shooting resulting in death, this author is not about to assume. Why should he assume? Because mainstream media news says so? Should intelligent, honest and decent people accept media reports by aka Obama’s back pocket media?

Ask yourself:

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


America’s Enemies Easy To Spot

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Fort Hood 2014 Shooting: Government Campaign To Confiscate Guns One Group At A Time

The campaign to confiscate guns will likely be carried out by disarming one group at a time. The first group is this contingent of soldiers, ex-soldiers, and (soon) every day citizens who are “depressed” and/or who are taking medications for depression.

January 2013 Moralmatters.org article links

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