Tabloid Media Repeat Highlight Of Ferguson False Reality: Play Americans With Non-Stop Propaganda


“……………..If you care to be gullible to repeatedly believe mainstream media news, including FOX (aka propaganda) – and refuse to start connecting the many propaganda / violence events dots, then you are are very foolish. No lobotomy would ever alter your naivety………………”

Barf News From Mainstream Media: Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Trial Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

3/26/15 – Note: Since posting this Moralmatters article there has been added 2 informational links following the 2nd video.


Where there is a government contrived propaganda / violence event, featuring crisis actor perpetrators and “victims,” it logically follows that there will be a subsequent hoax trial featuring the captured crisis acting criminal (s).

Please note, after the short Moralmatters mini-commentary, 2 Peekay Boston videos, exposing the (so-called) ‘Boston Marathon Bombing’ hoax trial:

Pop your popcorn and grab your favorite beverage. Keep informed via Tabloid News about the fake Boston Marathon Bombing Trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Admire the…………..”

Reported Wisconsin Police Shooting Of Tony Robinson: Another Michael Brown-Type Affair?


“Recently, Moralmatters commented on a current ‘news’ story of a Wisconsin police officer supposedly shooting and killing a reported 19 year old. Following, is the comment:

I wonder why the news piece, up front, in its title, designated the young man as “black?” I can’t help but think…………..”

Why Whistle Blowers Are Not Received And Welcomed: Moralmatters Discovers The Answer


This Moralmatters author was gone from his computer most of the day. During that time he had two separate conversations with two family members. The conversations entailed a major commonality. They revolved around the aspect that reality and truth is absent from government and mainstream media. The other common threads that were present during these two conversations were:

What difference does it make in your [Nathan Bickel’s] life whether government and mass media lie? What can you do about it? What control do you have over it? The other “common thread” was…………………..

Why People Believe Government Contrived Propaganda And Violence Events: AKA Hoaxes


“Moralmatters is convinced that there are 2 major reasons why multiple millions of people believe and act upon government contrived propaganda and violence events – aka hoaxes (scam-frauds). These two reasons are intelligently and succinctly stated in a recent comment by an avid reader: ………………”