Soros Funds Crisis Actors: Post-Election Protests Are Staged


………..Don’t be fooled! It’s all fake and staged.

The Control System has overplayed its hand with so many hoax “mass shootings,” hoax civil disobedience events and all the over-the-top screaming and whining about everything, all the time.

The majority of people have awakened to the deception, and most of the awake people understand that these fake news stories about post-election “protests” are LIES.

People are sick and tired of all the fake events and they’re just not buying into these ridiculous news stories about all these butt-hurt “protesters.”……….

Wikileaks: Devilish Democrats Solicited Crisis Actors To Catcall Trump Groping


“What would crimes against peace and humanity, aka Obama be, without him employing crisis actors for his connived and staged propaganda and violence events? What would the Benghazi Butcher (aka, “Hillary Clinton”) be, without crisis actors to do her campaign bidding?……………”

Democrats Don’t Talk Dirty: They Do Dirty


“The following pic, compliments of a faithful Moralmatters Reader:……………..”

Dallas Ambush, Louisiana And Minnesota Shootings: Coordinated False Realities


……………..The perpetrator crisis actor is reportedly an ex military guy. He allegedly perished at the scene; blown up by a robotic maneuver. # 1 crisis actor, criminal ID forgery fraud Obama involves himself. Also, his Attorney General, puppet Loretta Lynch publicly speaks directly about the event. the same puppet Attorney General who allowed criminal Benghazi / email-scandal ridden, Hillary Clinton to go scot-free……………..

Istanbul Ataturk Airport: False Reality Shooting


“You know it’s a contrived false reality event when the latest reported ‘shooting’ massacre is compared to other false reality shooting events. Such is the reality with the reported mainstream media whoredom, International Istanbul Airport shooting event.

You know its a contrived false reality event when the latest reported ‘shooting’ massacre is reportedly……………..”

Orlando False Reality Shooting: How Crisis Actors Are Paid Off


“Already more than $7 Million dollars raised in charity for the Orlando shooting victims. Remember Sandy Hook hooked Americans for at least $150 million — scammed from true believers. This entertainment ain’t cheap………..”

Depravity Of Man: The Depravity Of Human Nature


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Also note that the following article’s contents can be utilized as an extensive helpful resource in pointing out to misguided and arrogant individuals (who accept without question) what their governments and enabling mainstream media tell them. We live in a world of lies. As such, it takes wise and informed individuals to distinguish deception from reality / truth…………….