Christians Deny Creator Christ: Fall Prey To Pseudo-Science God


“The following picture (below – scroll down) helps to illustrate the historical Biblical Scripture (and present-day) reality. That reality, indicts most professing Christians, who, sadly and pathetically fail to practice the First, of The Ten Commandments! [‘You shall have no other gods before Me!’]

These politically correct ‘Christians’………………..”

Chemtrails Timelapse: DITRH 2 Minute Video


“Those who deny the reality of Chemtrails are arrogantly living in denial. These same reality deniers are the same people who rely on propaganda mainstream (whoredom) media to spoon feed them their daily diet ‘news’ rations. They sit upon their fat and lazy asses clasping their big screen remotes, believing what they see and hear from Cable Network News.

These intellectual cripples are considered ‘normal’ people. They come from all walks of life. They come from many religious persuasions.

One of those major religious persuasions, is Christianity. It’s professed followers…………..”

The Father Of All Criminal Conspiracies: His Goal


“The fundamental nature of a criminal conspiracy is deception. Without lies there would be no criminal conspiracies. They are hand-in-glove operations. Without lies to conceal, there is no reason for wicked individuals to concoct fraudulent schemes to deceive the masses. Criminal conspiracies always have purpose. Purposes may vary but the goal is always the same: To gain control and to steer those deceived by the criminal conspiracies to believe, accept and behave in ways agreeable to the criminal conspirators………………..”

Aka Obama’s 4th Reich Atrocities: Body Parts Of Slaughtered Innocent Babies Sold For Added Profit


< <<<<<<<<< The Planned Parenthood maximization of profit from body parts is not (only) a modern evil. >>>>>>>>>>>>

How Will Oregon Bakers Melissa And Aaron Klein Celebrate Independence Day After Lesbians And The Court System Molested Them?


< <<<<<<<<<< Please: Those of you who are disciples of Christ, please pray for, encourage and help support Aaron and Melissa Klein as they experience persecution from hate-mongering lesbians and a despicable court system of injustice. Their sad story is told in the following link and excerpt below.......... ...........This Moralmatters author and Christian emeritus pastor is convinced that certain LGBT activists who prey upon those who practice their God-given natural and 1st Amendment rights, do so, because they instinctively know that they are non-normative and aberrant in their sexual practice behaviors. Hence, the desperate homofascist legal law-suit actions, to convince themselves that they are "normal" in a natural sense and in a Scriptural sense. This author can still hear his trusted (now deceased) friend say of such unscrupulous [nasty] people:............ >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Illinois Family Institute Week In Review Online Newsletter: June 13, 2015


< <<<<<<<<<<<< June 13, 2015 Please note the rich Independent online resource, below. Especially do so, realizing that mainstream media is evermore (and increasingly) transforming itself into a tabloid-type forum for government propaganda and the latest Hollywood scandal sheet refuse “news.” Take notice of the thoughtful and reasonable articles. >>>>>>>>>>>>>